SPIDER-MAN PS4: 22 Amazing Easter Eggs You Almost Definitely Missed In The Video Game - SPOILERS

SPIDER-MAN PS4: 22 Amazing Easter Eggs You Almost Definitely Missed In The Video Game - SPOILERS

SPIDER-MAN PS4: 22 Amazing Easter Eggs You Almost Definitely Missed In The Video Game - <font color=red>SPOILERS</font>

Spider-Man is finally on sale and while we're sure, you've spent the entire weekend playing the game, we're willing to bet you didn't catch these amazing (and spectacular) Easter Eggs. Check them out...

Spider-Man is nothing short of spectacular and after playing the game all weekend, it's easy to see why the reviews have been so amazingly positive. Swinging through a faithfully recreated New York City has never been so much fun and Insomniac Games has done an amazing job of making players actually feel like they really are wall-crawler. Much of that comes from actually being placed within Spidey's world.

As a result of that, the game is crammed full of Easter Eggs referencing not only Peter Parker's world but the wider Marvel Universe. From characters to companies, locations, and more, Spider-Man doesn't shy away from making players feel like they're actually living through the wall-crawler here and we're willing to bet that most of these astonishing references and cameos swung right by you guys.

So, to take a look at the full list, all you have to do is click on the "View List" button down below. 


This is seriously cool. While Marvel's Inhumans TV show may have flopped, the characters remain as popular as ever and if you head on over to Wall Street, you'll notice that the iconic bull is no longer there. Instead, it's been replaced by a massive statue of the fan-favourite teleporting dog, Lockjaw. 


Unfortunately, Daredevil doesn't make an appearance. However, we do get to see the law firm of Nelson & Murdock, albeit with an eviction notice on the door! Around the corner is their favourite bar Josie's and you'll also be able to find Fogwell's Gym and Clinton Mission Center, Sister Maggie's home.

Damage Control

Damage Control played a key role in the creation of The Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming but before that happened, the company was supposed to receive its own sitcom on ABC. That didn't wind up happening but you can track down a building boasting the "Damage Control" name in this game.

Spider-Man 2

During the game, Spider-Man has to try and stop a runaway train. Using webbing to try and slow it down, it breaks almost instantly and the wall-crawler exclaims, "This worked the last time!" That's got to be a reference to Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 when he managed to pull off this spectacular feat. 

Alias Investigations

Spider-Man has always had a pretty good relationship with New York's street-level superheroes and while they don't make an appearance in the game, you are able to track down Jessica Jones (sort of) by standing outside the headquarters of her P.I. business, Alias Investigations. Good luck finding it!

Earth's Mightiest Heroes Are On The West Coast

Listen carefully when you snap a photo of Avengers Tower and you'll learn that Earth's Mightiest Heroes are out of town. That explains why they don't help Spidey take on the Sinister Six but comic book fans will realise that the mention of the West Coast is a nod to the West Coast Avengers!

The Other Spider-Man Suit

Surprisingly, we don't get to suit up in Peter Parker's symbiote in this game but there is a reference to it. Helping out Yuri during one late night mission, she asks if he has a black and white costume to which the hero is quick to point out that he does not. It's obvious that this is a nod to that alien costume.

Symkarian Embassy

In the Marvel Universe, Symkaria is a fictional country which just so happens to be right next door to Latvaria, the home of villainous dictator (and Fantastic Four bad guy) Doctor Doom. Silver Sable calls Symkaria home and she factors into this game in a big way as Norman Osborn's head of security. 

Paying Homage To Steve Ditko

Spider-Man: Homecoming recreated this iconic piece of imagery from Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's Amazing Spider-Man #33 and so does this video game. When the wall-crawler is saving civilians from rubble in Fisk Tower near the start of the story, the same moment is recreated and looks very cool.

The Wakandan Embassy

There are a lot of familiar locations from the Marvel Universe in Spider-Man but a highlight has to be seeing the Wakandan Embassy. Confirming that King T'Challa (a.k.a. Black Panther) exists in this world, it's great to see the hero highlighted in this way, especially after his movie gave him the spotlight. 

A Familiar Kiss

After defeating Wilson Fisk (a.k.a. the Kingpin of Crime) in the game's first boss battle, Spider-Man webs him up and he's left hanging upside down. Taunting his defeated foe, the wall-crawler suggests that they kiss and that's obviously a nod to Spider-Man's iconic scene featuring that smooch with MJ.

Rand Corporation

Iron Fist season two hit Netflix on Friday and in what seems like an appropriate link to that, it didn't take gamers long to notice that one of the skyscrapers in this version of New York is labelled "Rand Corporation." I wonder if that version of Danny Rand spends as much time dealing with Joy and Ward?

Black Cat

Some upcoming DLC will revolve around Black Cat but she also has a role to play in the main storyline which we'll let you discover for yourselves. In the meantime, keep a close eye on buildings as you swing around the Big Apple and you'll notice graffiti featuring her likeness and a number of other villains. 

Roxxon Corporation

Roxxon has yet to factor into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a significant way but it's been referenced quite a bit and the same is the case in this game. Swing around long enough and you'll soon spot the building featuring the company's logo and it would have been surprising not to see it here.

Stan "The Man" Lee

Comic book creator Stan Lee has almost always factored into Spider-Man's video games adventures and he once again returns here, this time as the owner of a diner Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson visit shortly after they both cross paths with Mister Negative's Inner Demons for the very first time.

The Sanctum Sanctorum

There's no sign of Doctor Strange in Spider-Man but we can still track down his home. The Sanctum Sanctorum looks quite a bit larger than the version we see in both the MCU and the comic books and given Spidey's friendship with the Sorcerer Supreme, here's hoping he shows up in the sequel!


After Otto Octavius loses his funding thanks to Norman Osborn, he turns to other sources for help and if you look around the future villain's laboratory, you'll notice that there's paperwork showing that he's received a grant from A.I.M. Peter points out that they're a bit shady but Otto doesn't seem to mind.

Nailing The Superhero Landing

Insomniac Games has done a great job of making gamers feel like Spider-Man but if you leap from the sky and land on the ground, you'll notice that the wall-crawler strikes a familiar pose (which would make Deadpool proud). Walk on the streets and hit random buttons and Spidey will greet civilians too!

Avengers Tower

It's hard to miss this one. Avengers Tower is a focal point in New York City and you can scale the building and leap right from the top as well as posing next to the "Avengers" logo on the side. It's cool to see this included and just a shame that we can't track down Avengers Mansion in the game as well. 


In one of the game's side missions, players are introduced to a character called Screwball. What you might not realise is that she was introduced during Dan Slott's Amazing Spider-Man run and given how much that's influenced this title, it's no great surprise that Christos Gage decided to include her here.

Morgan Michaels

In a bid to stop Mister Negative's Inner Demons, Spider-Man crosses paths with an Oscorp biochemist named Dr. Morgan Michaels. Don't recognise the name? Well, that's one of Morbius the Living Vampire's monikers so this guy could very well undergo a transformation somewhere down the line. 

The Most Depressing Easter Egg Ever

A few months ago, one gamer asked Insomniac to include a proposal to his girlfriend somewhere in the game. They obliged and a movie theater in Spider-Man does indeed read, "Maddie, Will You Marry Me?" Unfortunately, she dumped the poor guy and hooked up with his brother before it was released.

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