SPIDER-MAN PS4: All The New Costumes Revealed In That Massive LEAK From The Game

SPIDER-MAN PS4: All The New Costumes Revealed In That Massive LEAK From The Game

SPIDER-MAN PS4: All The New Costumes Revealed In That Massive <font color=red>LEAK</font> From The Game

Last night, a number of other alternate costumes which will be available in Spider-Man leaked online and we're now breaking those down for you, revealing their comic book roots and more. Check them out...

With around a week and a half to go until Spider-Man is released, some lucky gamers have been given the opportunity to try it out and that's inevitably resulted in at least one leak. That came last night when a screenshot showing a large percentage of the alternate costumes which will be available found its way online and we're now breaking all the newly revealed ones down in a single list for you. 

While we already know that the likes of the Superior Spider-Man and Iron Spider will be available to try on as we swing around New York City, there are lots here which we had no idea would be included. From comic book 
costumes you may have completely forgotten about to some crazy alternate takes on a few familiar designs, all you have to do is click on the "View List" button to take a look at them.

Battle-Damaged Spider-Man

We've been told that the game will explain why Peter Parker chooses to don a new, advanced suit and this alternate option may actually spill the beans on that plot point sooner than Insomniac expected. The fact we'll get to choose a battle-damaged version points to it being damaged beyond repair and it will actually be a lot of fun getting to fight the wall-crawler's foes while looking like all beaten up. 

Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)

Ben Reilly recently received a makeover and it's fair to say fans weren't at all happy about that. Thankfully, it didn't take too long until he started rocking the classic version again and that will be available in the game just in case you fancy pretending that this game is actually about him and not Peter Parker. Rumour has it that this suit will have some pretty spectacular cloning abilities too! 

Electro-Proof Spider-Man

In order to combat Electro's amazing abilities, the wall-crawler has been forced to don some pretty unique outfits over the years and one of the funkiest looking will indeed be available in this game. It looks surprisingly cool and while it probably won't factor into the main story, chances are it could come in handy during any battles with Electro, especially if it really does feature some extra insulation. 

Spider-Armour V.2

During Dan Slott's Amazing Spider-Man run, the wall-crawler donned a number of armours and based on what we can see in that leaked image, I'm pretty sure this is the one the hero wore to combat Massacre. It's a pretty cool look for the iconic superhero and one which will no doubt make gunfire from enemies a little less damaging to Spidey, something which will surely end up coming in handy!

Fear Itself

The "Fear Itself" storyline was pretty underwhelming but it was still pretty cool seeing some of our favourite heroes decked out in costumes which had been enhanced with Asgardian weapons and technology. Spider-Man was one of the lucky few to wear one and it will have a role to play in this game as a result. I actually forgot this one even existed but Insomniac has clearly covered all its bases.

Big Time

Going back to Dan Slott's Amazing Spider-Man run, you'll probably remember that Peter Parker started working for Horizon Labs and created a whole new wardrobe of suits in the process. One of the most popular comes from the "Big Time" era of storytelling and the yellow version is going to be available to unlock in the game. Whether or not we'll see the green one appear remains to be seen for now.

Ends Of The Earth

When Doctor Octopus reformed the Sinister Six, Spider-Man had to take drastic measures to stop the villain from killing billions, so he donned a brand new armoured suit which gave him the edge when he faced the team. That's going to be available in this game and its inclusion makes perfect sense based on how much of Slott's work is clearly influencing what we'll all see in the highly anticipated title.

All-New, All-Different Spider-Man

When Peter Parker returned from the dead, he discovered that Otto Octavius had formed Parker Industries and was suddenly in charge of his own company! In a move which a lot of fans really didn't like, Spidey basically became the new Iron Man and was decked out in a brand new suit which even boasted a glowing spider symbol. If you're a fan of that, look forward to suiting up in this game!

Ghost Spider

In one very obscure tale from 2011, we met an alternate universe version of Spider-Man who basically had the powers of Ghost Rider. As a result of some very complicated circumstances, the Ghost Spider was born and we'll get to take control of him in this game. He probably wouldn't have been the first choice of many fans but it will be good fun seeing this version swinging around the Big Apple.

The Last Stand

During J. Michael Straczynski's stellar Amazing Spider-Man run, Peter Parker caught an unexpected glimpse of his future and saw a Spider-Man who was on the run from the police and about to make his last stand. While he would later appear as part of the Spider-Verse crossover where it was revealed he had killed Kraven the Hunter, a lot of mystery still surrounds this version of the wall-crawler. 

Blood Spider

In the prequel novel to the game, Spider-Man comes to blows with the villainous Blood Spider. He's been paid by Wilson Fisk to impersonate the hero and wears a slightly different version of his suit. However, it looks like he'll resurface with a costume of his own in this game as it's going to be available for fans to unlock. It's also possible it's just the suit he wore in the comic books, though! We'll see.

Spider-Man: The Animated Series

We don't know for sure whether or not this is the suit from Spider-Man's animated series from the 90s but the fact it's cell-shaded has got everyone talking and that does seem like the most likely possibility. Even if it's just a generic cartoon costume or something similar, it will be interesting seeing such a different looking version of the wall-crawler swinging around the photo-realistic New York City.

Peter Parker

Well, this is...different! One of the alternate suits in the game will be Peter Parker himself...wearing his mask and briefs! Whether or not this happened in a comic book I can't remember or is actually storyline based is hard to say but it should be pretty good fun to try it out. I'm just not sure how comfortable I feel battling the Sinister Six while wearing nothing more than a mask and pants!

The Wrestling Suit

This one was a little harder to identify in the leaked screenshot from the game but considering the fact Peter Parker has a photo of it up on the wall of his apartment, common sense says it will make some sort of appearance and the unidentified suit definitely bears a resemblance to this one. Plus, if we're getting the MCU Spidey's homemade suit, common sense says this will also get the spotlight. 
Which of these alternate costumes are you most excited to try on in the game? Are there any more you hope are added down the line? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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