SPIDER-MAN PS4: Every Confirmed Villain And Alternate Suit Set To Appear In The Game

SPIDER-MAN PS4: Every <font color=red>Confirmed</font> Villain And Alternate Suit Set To Appear In The Game

Spider-Man is just thirty days away from hitting the PS4 and we're now taking a closer look at all the different villains who will appear in the game along with all the confirmed alternate costumes...

Thirty days. That's how much longer we have to wait for Spider-Man to hit the PS4 and it feels like a very long time away as of right now. However, it's clear that excitement is beginning to build in a big way and with much of the game still shrouded in secrecy, we're now delving into what to expect and putting the spotlight on the alternate costumes we know about and what extra abilities they'll have.

That's not all, though, as we're also going to take a look at the villains who have been confirmed to appear. Yes, the wall-crawler will square off with the Sinister Six but who else will he do battle with? 

Well, you can find the answer to that question here as we dive deep into what to expect from the game and reveal some secrets you may not have known before now. So, to take a look at this breakdown of confirmed villains and costumes, all you guys have to do is click on the "View List" button below. 

Scarlet Spider

This one is a classic and those who have been able to get their hands on the game have had nothing but good things to say. Apparently, the hood blows in the wind when the wall-crawler swings through the Big Apple and its extra abilities include creating a number of holographic "clones" to distract enemies. That sounds like a lot of fun and something which will be amazing to actually seen in action.

Mister Negative

When it was initially revealed that Mister Negative would be Spider-Man's big bad, the response was...meh? He's not the most exciting villain the wall-crawler has ever faced but his powers could be used in some interesting ways here and the game will hopefully do something new and unexpected. 

The Classic Suit

Most fans aren't overly enamoured by the redesigned suit Spider-Man will be wearing in the game and recent gameplay videos showing the wall-crawler in his classic duds haven't helped with that! We recently learned that Peter will ditch the costume after it's damaged near the start of the game by Wilson Fisk but you will be able to don a damaged version or an undamaged one with extra strength.

The Kingpin 

As I mentioned above, Spidey will clash with Wilson Fisk fairly early on in the game and while it's been said that he'll be captured and put behind bars near the start (which leaves the door open for Mister Negative), you have to believe that we'll see more of this iconic bad guy as the story progresses.


An odd choice of alternate suits, the Spider-Punk may not be instantly familiar to some fans but many will no doubt be happy to see Insomniac pulling from pretty much any and every comic book they can for the game. As crazy as it sounds, this comes loaded with an extra ability which will see the wall-crawler whip out an electric guitar and play a tune which will damage enemies surrounding him. 


Gamers should be extremely familiar with Rhino, while moviegoers will recognise him from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Just like in that movie, it appears as if this Rhino is going to be heavily armoured and many fans have compared him to Bane from the Arkham series of video games.


A villain who doesn't get anywhere near as much credit as he deserves, Scorpion has appeared in nearly every Spider-Man game ever and while his role is a mystery here, here's hoping we get to do more than just dodge attacks from his tail! Regardless, he's going to be a member of the Sinister Six.

Secret War Suit

Peter Parker wore this costume during Brian Michael Bendis' Secret War storyline when the hero joined Nick Fury on a mission to infiltrate Latveria. Honestly, it's not the coolest looking costume on this list but some fans will no doubt appreciate it and the fact it carries an EMP which can short out enemy weapons in the area will definitely help the wall-crawler get out of some pretty sticky situations. 

Avengers: Infinity War's Iron Spider

Time will tell whether or not we get to see the Iron Spider suit from the comic books but the version from Avengers: Infinity War will be present so it wouldn't be all that hard to include it. Regardless, the costume's extra abilities haven't been revealed as of yet but common sense says that it will have something to do with the extra arms Peter Parker ended up using in the epic superhero ensemble.


Shocker is a bad guy who has undergone some major changes in the game and he definitely looks cooler than the version we got in Spider-Man: Homecoming last year! Based on what we know so far, it sounds like he's just going to be a boss battle fairly early on in the game as he pulls off a bank robbery.

Spider-Man 2099

This isn't the first time we've been able to wear the Spider-Man 2099 suit in a video game but its return is definitely welcomed in this title. You just know it's going to look seriously spectacular in action and while it's another suit that the abilities haven't been revealed for, common sense says it will have something to do with time manipulation (or perhaps even some cool looking slow-motion effects).

Spider-Man: Homecoming's Homemade Suit

In one of the weirder additions to the game, we'll also be able to get our hands on Peter Parker's homemade suit from Spider-Man: Homecoming. This will definitely be appreciated by fans of the wall-crawler's first solo adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and while it's not the most spectacular looking costume we'll see here, if it has some extra abilities, it will be worth trying out at least once. 

Silver Sable

The leader of Mayor Osborn's security task force, it appears as if Silver Sable will be an antagonist of sorts in Spider-Man after she's tasked with stamping out vigilantes. Will she see sense? It's hard to say right now but it will definitely be fun seeing this very different take on the character in this title. 

Norman Osborn

Something everyone wants to know is whether or not we'll see Norman Osborn - the mayor of New York City in the game - suit up as Green Goblin. The signs do appear to be pointing to him being some sort of mastermind but whether he'll adopt that persona in this instalment or a sequel is unclear.

Spider-Man Noir

This isn't the first time the Spider-Man Noir suit has been available in a video game but it's going to be fun trying it on again. Apparently, as soon as you switch from the classic suit to the new advanced one, you'll also be able to craft this one and its abilities will revolve around stealth (which makes sense). Apparently, it will stop enemies from calling for backup which will definitely be handy at various times.

Black Cat

It's thought that Black Cat will have a key role to play in the game but we'll actually be given the opportunity to take control of her in extra missions which Insomniac is planning to release! That should be great fun and while we've seen her in games before, that will definitely be something different.

Velocity Suit

The last of the pre-order suits to be revealed by Insomniac, this one was designed by comic book and concept artist Adi Granov (Iron Man). No details have been revealed in regards to what extra abilities it will have but it sounds like it's going to have something to do with speed and zipping around New York City in this sleek looking bad boy promises to be a lot of fun and it should come in handy in a fight.


Unfortunately, Electro has been given a makeover and won't sport his classic costume from the comic books (am I the only one who's a fan of that?). A member of the Sinister Six, Max Dillon has clearly been given an upgrade in terms of his powers and will now be a formidable foe for Peter Parker.

Spider-Armour Mark II

When Peter Parker lost his Spider-Sense, he was forced to create a new suit of armour to take down the villainous Massacre. Fans of Dan Slott's Amazing Spider-Man run will definitely appreciate this one and while we don't have any specifics on its extra abilities, swinging around New York City at night while this one glows in the dark will be nothing short of spectacular and should look great in 4K.


I bet you didn't see this one coming! Marvel and Insomniac have played coy when it comes to possible cameos from non-Spider-Man characters but Taskmaster will be showing up to, ahem, "task" the wall-crawler with various missions, including racing around the city to disarm bombs he's secretly planted. 

Spider-Man: Homecoming's "Classic" Suit

Well, this had to be in there somewhere, right? Given the success of Spider-Man: Homecoming, comic book fans are understandably desperate to explore the Big Apple while suited up as Tom Holland's Peter Parker and it allows gamers to essentially pretend that this adventure is set within the MCU! Bizarrely, the costume's special ability is to create a single clone to help Spidey out during fights. 


Due to his ability to take flight, The Vulture has always been a pretty hard villain to pull off in a video game with most of his past appearances revolving around chasing him through the city. Whether or not that will also be the case here isn't clear but what we do know is that he too will be in the Sinister Six!

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