SPIDER-MAN PS4: Every Rumored And Confirmed Superhero And Supporting Character Set To Appear In The Game

SPIDER-MAN PS4: Every Rumored And Confirmed Superhero And Supporting Character Set To Appear In The Game

SPIDER-MAN PS4: Every Rumored And <font color=red>Confirmed</font> Superhero And Supporting Character Set To Appear In The Game

Spider-Man is just weeks away from being released and we're taking a look at the superheroes and supporting characters we're expecting to see in the game, and there are definitely some exciting names here.

With less than a month to go until Spider-Man is released on the PlayStation 4, you'd best believe that there's a whole lot of excitement surrounding the spectacular looking title. Everything we've seen looks amazing and early word on the title points to it quite possibly being the best superhero video game of all-time, something which is no easy feat after Rocksteady's Arkham trilogy featuring the Dark Knight. 

We've already taken a look at the confirmed villains and alternate costumes which we'll see in the game but now the spotlight is being moved to the supporting cast and other superheroes we'll see. 

Some are confirmed and others are rumoured, while we also touch on a few more villains and suits we didn't get chance to cover earlier this week. So, to take a look at this breakdown of what to expect from the game, all you guys have to do is click on the "View List" button below to check them out.

Harry Osborn

Norman Osborn is New York City's mayor in the game but his son Harry - who keeps in touch with Peter, throughout - is overseas. However, there's nothing to say he won't make a physical appearance; bear in mind that Harry went to Europe in the comics to recover from his stint as the Green Goblin so perhaps he'll be revealed as the secret member of the Sinister Six in a pretty unexpected twist.

Mary Jane Watson

The game is offering a slightly take on Mary Jane Watson because while Peter Parker is working for Horizon Labs these days, she's landed a job at The Daily Bugle! That means players will be able to take control of her as she investigates Mister Negative's Inner Demons and we'll actually get some stealth missions as a result, all of which should provide a nice breather from Spidey's action-packed battles.

Yuriko Watanabe

Yuriko Watanabe was ultimately revealed as the villainous Wraith in the comic books but this version of the character will seemingly be loyal to the NYPD and a close ally to Spider-Man. With any luck, that will remain the case throughout but seeing as Dan Slott wrote the story, it wouldn't be that surprising for her to ultimately suit up in that persona (perhaps in some DLC rather than the main story).

Aunt May 

The version of Aunt May that we're getting in Spider-Man is a little younger than her comic book counterpart but that's pretty much become the norm since the character was rebooted for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War. She'll be working in F.E.A.S.T., something which is going to put her on the ground for whatever Martin Li has planned as the villainous Mister Negative.

Doctor Strange

It's been confirmed that Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum will be a location that players can visit in the game and while we don't know if the Sorcerer Supreme himself will appear, common sense says he'll make a cameo appearance of some sort. Mister Negative's powers are somewhat supernatural in nature so the wall-crawler tracking him down for some help at some point would definitely work.


The adopted daughter of Wilson Fisk and one-time lover of Matt Murdock, Echo is a deaf superhero who served as Ronin in The Avengers for a time. It's been revealed that she will appear alongside the villainous Blood Spider in a prequel novel to the game and while that doesn't necessarily mean she'll show up here as well, it would definitely make sense for her to appear in some way, shape, or form.


Talking of the Man Without Fear, there's a lot of evidence that he'll show up in Spider-Man and while Insomniac continues to play coy, The Kingpin and Echo existing in this world all but confirms that the wall-crawler will cross paths with his old ally at some point. What sort of role he'll play remains to be seen but even just a cameo appearance would make fans of the comic books very happy indeed.

J. Jonah Jameson

We're getting a slightly different take on J. Jonah Jameson in the game as he'll have left The Daily Bugle to start a web series called "Just the Facts." Episodes will randomly pop up as you swing through the city and the former publisher will no doubt take every opportunity he can get to weigh in on Spider-Man's adventures in the Big Apple, no doubt declaring him a menace to society in the process!

The Avengers

One of the coolest reveals has to be the fact that Avengers Tower is part of the New York City skyline. Unfortunately, we don't know for sure whether or not any of Earth's Mightiest Heroes will show up but like Doctor Strange, it would be silly not to have at least one or two members make some sort of appearance, even if it's just Iron Man flying overhead or Captain America attempting to help out.

Black Panther

Another character whose "home" has been confirmed to make an appearance in the game, we've known for a while now that we'll see the Wakandan Embassy. Whether or not T'Challa will also show up is hard to say but it would be very cool for Spider-Man to respond to an attack there, only to find himself teaming up with Black Panther (even if that only lasts for a few minutes, it would be fun).

Miles Morales

The popularity of Miles Morales has led to the youngster being included in the game and while we still don't know whether or not he'll suit up, you have to believe this title will set the stage for that. Personally, my guess is that he'll become Spider-Man by the time the game ends, not necessarily replacing Peter Parker, but certainly opening the door for Insomniac to launch some Miles themed DLC.


Insomniac has been teasing an appearance from Venom for a while now and it would be nothing short of amazing to see him make some sort of appearance here. I'm not sure what that would consist of but seeing as Spidey has been doing this for a while now, the two of them could have become allies and Peter may even find himself enlisting the villain's help to try and take down the Sinister Six. 

Doctor Octopus

Evidence has mounted in recent weeks that Doctor Octopus has some sort of role in the game and it would make perfect sense for him to be unveiled as the leader of the Sinister Six. We know that Dan Slott is a huge fan of the character and it's been a while since he's had a significant role in a video game so it will be very interesting seeing how he's used and the way a battle between them play out.

Steve Ditko's Classic Design

We know that Spider-Man's classic suit will be used in the game but the Steve Ditko version will also be making an appearance which is definitely exciting news for comic book fans. With any luck, that will be red and black, incorporating the wall-crawler's smaller eyes and web wings at the same time. This had to be included in some form and I'm sure it will look nothing short of spectacular in glorious 4K.

Superior Spider-Man

Well, this had to make some sort of appearance, right? Seeing as Otto Octavius' Superior Spider-Man was so brutal, it will be very interesting seeing what extra abilities this suit has and if it unleashes Peter Parker's killer instincts. There are a few versions of this suit so we don't know for sure which one we'll be getting but I'd put my money on the one the villain spent most of that run wearing in the game. 

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