This article of Superhero Feats, I've decided to display some of the incredible feats of arguably the most influential "humanized" superhero.....the web-slinging Peter Parker himself...Spider-Man.

I. Strength

1. Lifts a train car.

2. Supporting and holding up the Daily Bugle building, then stabilizes it with his webbing.

3. Frees himself from tons of metal and debris.

4. Lifts cars easily.

5. Rips a lamppost out from the ground, then smashes a police truck with it.

6. Holds up then smashes a solid gold statue into pieces.

7. Throws Wolverine out of an "unbreakable" window.

8. Easily lifts a bus.

9. Frees himself from a huge stone plug that took him and She-Hulk to lift before.

10. Once again frees himself from under tons of debris.

11. Supports a huge helicopter from falling.

12. Lifts a small tank in the air and slams it to ground, and then he slams another tank to other one with his webbing.

13. Lifts and carries two cars with just one hand web-slings with them and throws them through a window.

14. Easily topples over a train car that Paladin was struggling with with only a flick of his finger.

15. Stops a speeding truck with his bare hands.

16. Catches a car thrown at him by the Hulk without much problem.

17. Lifts a huge amount of rubble.

18. Rips apart Puma's robot.

19. Demolishes an entire building.

20. Punches Iron Man through a wall.

21. Rips apart Dr. Octopus' titanium tentacles.

22. Dismantles 2 Sentinels.

II. Agility / Speed

1. Reflects on his amazing agility.

2. Maneuvers his way around a laser system with ease.

3. Catches Electro off guard with his "orbiting around something to gain momentum" trick. :-).

4. Moves his way around Dr. Octopus' tentacles.

5. Showing an impressive panel of agility.

6. Speed-blitzing Absorbing Man

7. Tags Speed Demon.

8. Dodges bullets fired from 10 snipers at the same time.

9. Dodges multiple blasts from Lightmaster's duplicates.

10. Stilt Man’s factory programmed to kill Spidey attacks him with lasers (computer controlled, dozens at one time), missiles (computer controlled) and even more lasers with other numerous things being fired at Spidey, and none land a single hit.

11. Dodges Iron Man's repulsor blasts.

III. Durability / Healing

1. Doc Ock collapses a building ontop of him, and survives.

2. Survives the damage of being carried to the sky by a high-speed missile, incredible cold of upper atmosphere, difficulty of breathing, the explosion of said missile from close range and getting infected by the deadly toxins it carries (his durability enabled him to survive the toxins for minutes until cure would be given).

3. Survives getting hit with a car thrown by the Lizard.

4. Survives a building-destroying explosion.

5. Survives an insane amount of electricity.

6. Heals a broken arm over few nights sleep, and a bullet wound so completely that it doesn’t even leave a scar.

7. Heals from the effects of poison gas in moments.

IV. Intelligence

1. Makes an electromagnetic pulse in matter of seconds, in middle of fight, using nothing but couple of circuits from someone’s weapon systems.

2. Creates a serum for a flesh-eating disease in a matter of minutes.

3. Figures out a way to beat Morlun by studying his DNA. He irradiates himself and then, as he isn’t “pure” anymore, he can hurt Morlun with his blows and beat him down. Nice durability feat too, seeing as he takes all that radiation and stays alive. Shows Spidey’s knowledge concerning radiation too.

4. Hank Pym states that Spidey is smarter than himself.

5. Equaled the intelligence test scores Reed Richards posted when he was Spidey’s age.

6. Creates a chemical that fuses Doctor Octopus' titanium arms together.

7. Created a pass code to override Iron Man’s safeguards, showing impressive forward thinking and machinery knowledge.

8. Creates royal water to dissolve gold armor in few moments.

V. Willpower

1. Overcomes Mr. Fear's fear potion.

2. Freed himself from Fusion's illusions.

VI. Spider-Sense

1. Describes his SS.

2. Teleporting attacks are sensed.

3. SS warns him about something hasty…like here when he attempts to smash a glass when there is an alarm triggered in it.

4. Warns him if someone is bluffing playing poker.

5. Warns him if someone is lying.

6. Detected Black Panther sneaking up on him.

7. Warns off illusions.

VII. Fighting Skills / Battles

1. Single-handedly defeats 117 moderately skilled fighters who have electric swords and guns and armors.

2. Defeats several ninjas from the Hand.

3. Fights Daredevil…DD has the edge on the first page, but only because Spider-Man is acting irrational. Spider-Man pounces on him for the remaining fight.

4. Defeats Dr. Strange. (Yes PIS with Strange obviously holding back).

5. Takes down Deadpool.

6. Hits Iron Man hard enough to knock his Sensory Apparatus offline.

7. Teams with Daredevil to fight Blackheart.

8. Beats Firelord.

9. Brutally beats down Iron Man 2020 (Arno Stark)

10. Defeats the Juggernaut by outsmarting him.

VIII. Webbing

1. Webbing has the tensile strength of 120 pounds per square millimeter. That would mean that you need to apply 54 kilograms of strength just to break a millimeter thick strand of Spidey’s webbing. You would apply over half a ton of force to break a CENTIMETER thick strand of it. Now think when he sprays it all over your body. The force required to break that amount of Spidey’s webbing would be in hundreds of tons

2. Can contain the explosion of rocket missiles.

3. Withstands a huge explosion head on.
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