TASM 2: Dane DeHann On Bulking Up For Harry Osborn: "I Don't Have To Look Like Batman"

TASM 2: Dane DeHann On Bulking Up For Harry Osborn: "I Don't Have To Look Like Batman"

In an interview with Vulture, the Chronicle actor once again discusses his weight/muscle gain for the role of Peter Parker's best bud Harry. We had assumed the extra padding was because Osborn would play a physical role in the story, but DeHann suggests that may not be the case..

When it was revealed that Dane DeHann would be packing on some muscle to play Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, many speculated that it might be because his character would be getting physical in the movie - in other words the possibility existed that Osborn WOULD indeed become The Green Goblin, or at least some variation of him. Well while that might still be true, DeHann reveals to Vulture his reasons for bulking up.

"When do you start? How much more weight do you have to gain?"

"I'm pretty much there. I'm pretty much ready to shoot. I'm totally good to go. I feel like I'm ready to be Harry Osborne. It's not about becoming super bulky. It's about becoming fit. Harry Osborne, he's a trust-fund baby. He probably has personal trainers. He probably has someone making his food. He's going to look like he works out, so I have to look like I work out — but I don't have to look like Christian Bale as Batman. It's not that extreme. I just look a lot better naked."

Of course this doesn't mean DeHann won't be getting in on the action at all, but my guess is Harry will be playing a pretty similar role to James Franco's first incarnation of the character in this movie. For the full interview click the link below.

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