TASM 2: Green Goblin Suit Details & Some Bizarre Info On Norman Osborn

TASM 2: Green Goblin Suit Details & Some Bizarre Info On Norman Osborn

We've managed to get hold of a vague, but interesting description of the Green Goblin outfit from Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man sequel. There's also some very odd info on Norman Osborn. Obviously if you don't want to be SPOILED, don't read on!

After providing a bit of spoilery info, a look inside Electro's apartment, and a glimpse at that odd (possibly) Goblin-ish mural on Norman Osborn's wall, our Spidey source has now revealed some more Green Goblin tidbits. Potential SPOILERS ahead.

We previously revealed that Osborn wouldn't actually become the Green Goblin in the movie, but that there would be a lot or foreshadowing and a costume would be glimpsed. Well we haven't been able to find out if that's still the case or not but we have got an idea of what that costume will look like. Those hoping for a major change from the last time we saw Gobby on screen might be disappointed, as it seems the suit will once again "resemble" some type of armor (though really, short of having him wear spandex or mutating him what other options are there?). We're told it'll be a matte black and dark green design with spikes -- not too dissimilar to Ultimate Green Goblin's look apparently, though obviously Osborn will still be human. No info on the glider, weaponry or anything of that nature yet but we're working on it.

Now for the REALLY strange stuff. Our source managed to get a look at some set designs for some type of chamber. This contraption has three compartments and has something to do with Osborn..and likely his transformation into the Green Goblin. I'm just going to relay this exactly sit was to me: "There is this set that has 3 chambers. The Goblin suit is in one, the spider serum is in another and the last one is...Norman's head!" Don't ask! I honestly don't have anything else on it, this is just something our source glimpsed and passed on to us. He's been asked to try to find out more about it but for now...thoughts? We know Osborn was dying in the last film, is it possible he does die and is somehow resurrected? Or is this something from the end of the movie, perhaps leading to him becoming Green Goblin? Your guess is as good as mine! Sound off in the usual place.

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