TASM: Marc Webb On Spidey's Redesigned Costume

TASM: Marc Webb On Spidey's Redesigned Costume

The director of the upcoming reboot reveals the reason behind Spider-Man's distinctly "homemade" looking outfit, which many fans have had a few problems with..

The first images of Andrew Garfield in his new Spider-Man outfit were met with a bit of a mixed response from fans, and although many have since gotten used to his new look, there are still those who have some problems with it - especially around the feet area. I'm sure you have noticed that Spidey looks to have incorporated a pair of trainers into his red and blue suprehero ensemble, and the reason it looks that way is..he has! While speaking to Total Film the director of The Amazing Spider-Man, Marc Webb, reveals why the suit looks the way it does, and how offers a few details on how Peter Parker went about putting it together..

The all important red-and-blue outfit went through various (re)designs - but crucial to them all, according to Webb, was that they had to look like they were made by one student and his sowing machine.

"His eyes are popped-out lenses from his sunglasses and his feet are threads from shoes. We thought about what material Peter would have access to"

So there you have it. If you were curious as to why Spidey looks the way he does in this movie, it's all part of keeping things a bit more "grounded" I guess. Personally the look has grown on me, but I must admit I preferred the old Raimi design. How bout you guys?

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