TASM: Rhys Ifans On Playing The Lizard; Discusses His Audition Scene

TASM: Rhys Ifans On Playing The Lizard; Discusses His Audition Scene

The Welshman shares some info on the chaotic scene he auditioned for the part of Curt Connors with, and also talks about recognizing himself up on the screen for the first time as The Lizard..

In the latest issue of Total Film Rhys Ifans speaks about his role as Dr. Curt Connors - and his reptilian alter ego - in Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man. The actor describes the feeling of seeing the special effects in action as he is "mo-capped" into The Lizard on the screen. Also, when discussing his audition he reveals that Connors will be having just a bit of a hard time of things in the movie..

TF: How did you feel, seeing yourself as The Lizard?

RI: I thought, "What a night. That's up there with the biggest, that is..". I was thrilled. Beforehand, part of me dreaded the thought of sitting in a make up char for eight hours a day, but that wasn't the case at all. They did so many scans of my face I felt like a dartboard. The chilling thing is, in the clips I've seen, I recognize myself.

TF: What scene did you do for your audition?

RI: It was a moment where Dr Curt Connors is having a nervous breakdown, to say the least. I just went for it and ended up a quivering wreck on the office floor. They were obviously pleased but I didn't think for one second I'd get the part.

For the rest of the interviews, and much more on The Amazing Spider-Man be sure to pick up the current issue of Total Film.

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