The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Ending: And The Mysterious Figure Is...

One of the biggest items of interest coming out of Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man was the shadowy figure in the cell with Dr. Curt Conners. There, then gone, he's sure to be a mastermind in the film franchise. He's also likely to be...

...One of these five characters.

We're all in the middle of speculation now that the Summer Superhero Movies are over. That's what we do. But here are the Top 5 Likely Masterminds that could be the elusive figure at the end of Amazing Spider-Man.

Please note that has is not tied to any official press release or declaration. This is just for fun and informative entertainment.

5. The Vulture

Adian Toomes is the embodiment of the avian super-villain who plagued Spider-Man from above, could fly, and appeared as early as Amazing Spider-Man #2 (1963). One of the automatic reasons to suspect him is that he'd have his own way in and out of the prison cell (assuming he could squeeze through the bars). On the other hand, he is normally depicted as a bald man, which contradicts the appearance of the silhouette.

Still, there are some plot elements that could have put him in a conversation or contract with Conners at the end of the movie. Primarily, it's based on his physiology; Toomes, in the comic books, has been using sildenafil citrate to stay alive. This could play into his desperate need for the genetic research. Another possibility comes out of the 1990s Spider-Man Animated Series; when Toomes was portrayed throughout that television cartoon, he was an aging, elderly man bent on youth.

The Vulture is very unlikely choice, but he's closer than a lot of others.

4. Morbius

Morbius is what most would consider another "throw-in" among the potential names. Although portrayed as a younger man in the comic books, he could be pushed towards an older appearance for obvious reasons without destroying the overall character.

Michael Morbius is his actual name and he originally met Parker as a college colleage in Amazing Spider-Man #101 (1971); that would be a divergence in this movie version, but not completely when you consider he was also a ground-breaking genetics researcher.

As the story went, Morbius had a rare blood disease, underwent a genetic process, and ended up a living vampire. From the easter egg we saw, it wouldn't be beyond the realm of disbelief if the shadowy nature of the character had ghastly qualities. Maybe that's how he escaped from the cell at a moment's notice.

Morbius, for all purposes, is unlikely. But you can see a reasonable chance that it might be him.

3. Silvermane

Most people aren't considering the strange figure to represent a mafia boss. There's not clear indication that this involves the criminal underworld. Then again, they might rethink their position if they consider Silvio Manfredi, otherwise known as Silvermane. Foremost, his profile - an elder male with white hair - makes him an excellent physical match. Secondly, it takes no disbelief that a crimelord could easily get into a prison without causing any alerts.

If The Amazing Spider-Man movies decided to add organized crime as a theme - even though this doesn't appear to be the case - then an appearance by Silvermane would eventually migrate towards a counter-starring role with The Kingpin.

Silvermane's motive wouldn't be known at this point, but it would imply Conners' research wasn't entirely above-the-board (which, incidentally, we already understood by the middle of movie.) At the same time, though, this form of corruption seems to be corporate and not underground, and that's why this choice should be made with a bit of scepticism.

2. Norman Osborn, The Green Goblin

There is a strong possibility that Norman Osborn, our infamous Green Goblin, could return to the screen as quickly as ASM 2. If there is a 3rd film, you can bet the chance will be 100%.

Osborn fits the bill because a) he is the head of OSCORP where Pete gained his powers, and b) he is the super-villain who killed Gwen Stacy back in Amazing Spider-Man #121 (1973). For these qualifications alone, he's a complete, ready-to-go addition to the story in this reboot.

The onlly caveat to Norm is that the character alone with Conners didn't look like him, nor any form of Green Goblin; that's about the only thing that puts this choice behind number one.

1. Dr. Miles Warren, The Jackal

The leading candidate to be Pete's main nemesis in ASM 2 is Dr. Miles Warren, another leading professor on the same scale of magnitude as Dr. Conners.

Dr. Warren, in the comic books, is known as the villainous Jackal, a brilliant geneticist who learns how to make clones from DNA samples. He is also the insane and diabolical fiend who secretly falls in love with Gwen Stacy and produces duplicates of her in his madness.

The Jackal is mostly a mastermind-type of bad guy; he'll throw lots of minions at Parker that can be destroyed. His draw to the second movie is that we haven't seen much of him in the past; most fans won't automatically recognize him, but there's a history where we can look back and go "I remember this guy!".

Miles would have same reason for secretly consulting Conners as any other researcher; he wants to solve the decaying process (Remember that term in the movie?) with his replicates. The character in the cell could even have been a clone.

By himself, Jackal could bring the second movie to life. Pete would be fighting clones of himself, the Norman Osborn angle would be strengthened for the third film, and there would be more than enough action to fill a couple hours.

In summary

There's really two heavily-weighted choices among a handful of picks. Norman Obsborn is the obvious one due the centricity of OSCORP through the movie. He's also one of Spidey's Greatest Villains. The Jackal, however, may be of equal likelihood with a more applied link. His research falls directly in line with the work Peter's father conducted, and he was in love with Gwen. Both Jackal and Goblin had deep interaction with Parker, and specifically Ms. Stacy, and based on the plots and arcs from their past, that makes them the best choice for the shadowy figure.
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