THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: Rant on haters, discussion on Actors and LIZARD.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: Rant on haters, discussion on Actors and  LIZARD.

Check out my rant discussing the problems with the RAIMI films and who stands being a true Spider-Man fan and a Raimi fanboy. I also discuss the hate on Lizards new look.

Seriously what the hell is wrong with all the people that are complaining about this movie? I bet the majority of you don't know anything about Spider-Man and only know him from Raimi's trilogy. You aren't Spider-Man fans, if you think you are then why not show Spidey a little bit of respect and give this movie a chance? If not GTFO. Spider-Man fans my arse.

And really? If I see one more person say they miss the old movies and cmplain about this movie "changing everything" because of a missing jacket and them using an older design, I'll scream. Did you refuse to see the first movie because Green Goblin was in a suit of armor and schizophrenic instead on developing amnesia later on after being caught in an explosion? Did you complain when they had Mary Jane not act at all like Mary Jane and skip completely over Gwen Stacy only to copy a key scene involving her character and then completely alter both it and the ramifications of it? Did you complain when Doc Ock was a nice fella being controlled by super-smart sentient robot arms he built himself only to mysteriously gain the ability to control them with one case of willpower later on? Did you complain when Gwen finally WAS brought in as Eddie Brock's girlfriend, whom peter just used to make MJ jealous, the Sandman being made into a dad just trying to help his sick daughter and a victim of circumstance, or Harry suddenly appearing as the second Goblin wearing... skydiving gear with some armor, goggles and a rocket snowboard? About Eddie Brock being changed from a buff fella to a skinny fast-talking punk, almost more Spider-Man than the guy playing Spider-Man? Or how Venom was utterly butchered? (And before you blame the studio, they ASKED him to add Venom at the END and have the next film about him and he refused to split and had his writers cram him into the last 20 minutes.) Did you complain when part 4 was in development and Raimi was going to take Felicia Hardy and reduce her to The Vultress, Vulture's daughter, rather than Black Cat? Studio wanted the Lizard there, fans were asking for him, was a CLASSIC villain which Raimi insisted on working with as he hated new villains like Venom and Carnage by his own admission.

Now lets get onto TASM.

For those having problems with THE LIZARDS look, it may not be the iconic look with the long snout and lab cot like the T.MAC version shown below:

But what Webb did in his version is use the classic design, NOT A GOOMBA. The Ditko Lizard has no snout, can speak slurred English, and doesn't have sharp teeth. Thats the design Webb wanted to give a sense of humanity to the villain. Tell me to my face that this doesn't look menacing:

Another thing I dont get is that, LIZARD seems to be wearing his iconic Lab Coat in most scenes:

Then why is he called a GOOMBA even he looks his classic charetcer?

I dont get it.

And even then if Lizard isn't wearing he coat, a menacing DR. CONNERS under the influence of the regeneration drug with the tail, scales and all still wears the lab coat:

Lets get this straight.
This is a GOOMBA:

The movie version Goomba from the failed "Mario Bros. Movie" this isn't the Mushroom-design we all know and love from the games, it was a "creative decision" This is that design:

A goomba has a small head, sharp teeth and looks plain silly and un-menacing. The Lizard has a normal head, no sharp teeth, sharp claws and can speak slurred English. The only slight characteristic that they both hold is that they both have a small head, that's it.

And now to the actors of SPIDER-MAN.

ANDREW: Actually Andrew Garfield is the perfect choice to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man and all of us real Spider-Man fans are delighted with this casting decision!
Andrew looks just like Peter Parker (especially the way Peter looked in the majority of the comics and cartoons of last century), he portrays Peter/Spidey correctly, he is a big Spidey fan, he is very passionate about playing the character, and he is a very good actor. It's perfect casting!

TOBEY: Spider-Man is supposed to be skinny. He was never a chubby little man like Tobey's version was.
Also Tobey looked nothing like Peter from the comics & cartoons, he played the character totally wrong, his acting was poor, and his queer voice is way too annoying. All real Spider-Man fans hated Terrible Tobey in the role!
The only people that ever did like Tobey as Peter/Spidey were little kids and non-comic readers who know nothing about Spider-Man and lacked the intelligence to see how bad Tobey's acting was.




....Need I say more?

If a user by the name LOGANXX36 is not behaving to the sites standards of conduct, I will delete your comments because I do not believe in constant and ignorant hate on something.

Be warned now.

End rant.
Thanks for reading. Sound off below.
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