The Amazing Spider-Man Uses Sneakers!

<i>The Amazing Spider-Man</i> Uses Sneakers!

Courtesy of CBM user Dubean33 and the forums over at SuperHerohype, we may have an explanation about what those sneakers were in the set photos...

Since the first set photos for the upcoming reboot surfaced online almost 2 months ago, many have speculated about Spidey's shoes in the upcoming reboot.
For months, we've all try to figure out the mystery surrounding the weird silver soles the Spidey-suit sported. Speculation ranged from stunt shoes to sneakers.

The shoes are actually running shoes from the Asics shoe brand. It's seems that the Spider-Man reboot is embracing a real world feel, similar to Christopher Nolan's Batman series, and is adding somewhat of a real-life functionality to the suit.

I personally expected since the beginning that the funky looking shoes that Spider-Man had in the set pictures were sneakers but it looks now that we have "semi-official" confrimation.

How do feel about Spider-Man's sneakers in the upcoming reboot as opposed to the classic , sock like footie?
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