The Amazing Stan Lee – Rare 1971 Audio Interview

The Amazing Stan Lee – Rare 1971 Audio Interview

Stan Lee offers a candid look into the world of comics in this rare audio interview from the 1970s.

Chances are that you’ve never heard of the ZBS Foundation, an independent [non-profit] recording company that’s been in business since 1970. It started out as a working commune in Upstate New York, creating quirky radio ads and full-cast audio dramas (they even produced a widely acclaimed dramatization of Stephen King's The Mist—recorded in 3-D binaural sound—in 1984 and re-released on CD in 1993, which is how I discovered this amazing company.)

In its infancy, ZBS sat down with a wide range of gifted and unique people and interviewed them on tape. According to the official website, “these are nuggets from our archives. We were a radio commune back in the early days of ZBS. The video artist, Bill Viola, used to refer to us as The Zeebers. We produced and distributed programs for community, college and public radio stations. ZBS was originally founded with the idea of using media to raise consciousness. These radio programs reflect that philosophy. Very little has dated, their nourishing essence still shines forth. You’ll find interviews with Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Joseph Campbell, Yoko Ono, Stan Lee of Marvel Comics, Ken Kesey, Paul Bowles, Abbie Hoffman, Mel Blanc of Bugs Bunny & Porky Pig, Chogyam Trunpa Rinpoche, Humphrey Osmond who coined the word “psychedelic,” and lots more. We’ve uncovered 28 programs so far. A rare find is Meatball Fulton’s never-before-aired interview with Syd Barrett of the Pink Floyd. Shiny nuggets indeed. Zeeber Gold! We did our best to make these sound perfect, but due to the age of these tapes, there may be an occasional imperfection.”

As stated, one of those interviewees was Stan “The Man” Lee. Recorded in 1971, this rare 30 minute recording offers a philosophical, intelligent conversation about comics that you just don’t see anymore. It is available for download for $3.00—expensive, yes, but to my knowledge this interview cannot be found anywhere else, making it a rare find indeed. If you are a Stan Lee collector, a lover of comics, or just enjoy listening to insightful conversations then this “gold nugget” is well worth your time and money.

(NOTE: I am not affiliated with ZBS in any way. I’m simply a dedicated fan helping to get the word out about this wonderful company.)
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