The SPIDER-MAN Cinematic Universe: Should It Feature New Heroes?

The SPIDER-MAN Cinematic Universe: Should It Feature New Heroes?

With Sony expanding the universe they've built with Spider-Man, would it be a good idea to add brand-new heroes to the mix? Maybe!

Well, the new The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer released today! I think it is safe to say that most people are excited to see this film or at least curious of what they’re going to do. And we know Sony is trying to build out a cinematic universe but my question is: is Spider-Man enough?

Even with Venom playing Lethal Protector, Spider-Man is really the only REAL hero in the world they are creating. Obviously Sony could throw in Miles Morales as Scarlet Spider but won’t all the spider-themed heroes get a little corny? A little hard to buy? Absolutely.

There isn’t much more that Sony can do though. They lost the rights to Ghost Rider (which, granted, is an incredibly difficult hero to pull off correctly and wouldn’t work as a crossover with Spider-Man) and Luke Cage (which is a huge bummer as it would’ve allowed for the expansion of the vigilante universe). So, what else can Sony do?

Make new, brand-new heroes could work. COULD is the operative word. Obviously the characters in all other Marvel films, from any studio, have had at least a comic book before the character was brought to life. However, comic book fans aren’t the target audience and never were but the general audience was. What difference does it make to them if Guardians of the Galaxy features a comic book first or if Sony’s hero Martyr (I don’t know, just came up with something) gets a movie.

Now, the question becomes whether or not this hero would be property of Marvel. And I’m going to make a guess that s/he wouldn’t be, at least not at first. I’d be willing to bet that Sony would license out all the marketing materials to the character and the literature to Marvel while Sony retains the film rights. After all, that’s all you really have the ability to do.

The obvious conclusion is that Sony is going to have to start developing properties and thus have multiple franchises that can stand on their own and not just be spin-offs from their immensely popular Spider-Man franchise.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Will we see brand-new heroes introduced into this universe to create a huge, completely constructive universe rather than just a Spider-Man universe with Spider-Man existing with a whole bunch of villains around? Or will it just be the latter? Comment below! Until next time.
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