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Should the classic Spider-Man theme be used in the upcoming'The Amazing Spider-Man'? Hit the jump for my thoughts on the matter!

Hey everyone! Just to let you know that this is my first ever article, so my apologies if I seem stupid or the content isn't to your liking...if thats the case, better luck next time eh?

Before I begin musing, lets have a refresher of what I'll be discussing...

♪♫ Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can...♫♪

Ah that theme song, we all know it. That cheesey and catchy theme from the original 1967 cartoon by Paul Francis Webster and Robert Harris. It's gained a great popularity and is instantly recognisable, almost as much as (dare I say it?) the Adam West Batman theme. So whilst I was watching 'Spider-Man 3' at the part where an instrumental version plays as he is handed the key to the city, I realised how much more I wanted to hear it featured within the upcoming 'Amazing Spider-Man' film.

I'm not ignoring the fact that is is used in Raimi's trilogy; I do like the references that the buskers make to it for comedy moments, and the fact that it features at the end of the credits in several of the films is nice, but what I would like to see is it used as a prominent opening or closing theme for the film, that potentially, depending on whomever writes the score, references it through out. I'm not trying to stir hate on Danny Elfman's main Spidey theme in any way- I personally love it as it is, but whilst it is suitably epic I don't think it paints a very colourful picture of the character in the sounds it uses.

Okay, I'll admit that the original is a little corny and dated, but then again, aren't a lot of Spidey's jokes? I feel that that little amount of cheesiness is what makes the character so beloved to us- he's that comedic superhero with that lively sarcastic wit mixed in with a handful of Looney Tunes randomness.

But just because I'm saying the theme song should be used it doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be the original- take the Ramones, Aerosmith and Michael Buble cover's below and think of any of those playing whilst either the movie opens and the studio logos come on or at the end whilst Spidey epicly swings through the streets of New York and the Credits begins to roll. Now THAT I'd like to see!

Check these cover versions of the main theme out below:

The Aerosmith cover- this was released on the first movie soundtrack.

The Ramones cover:

And the Michael Buble cover, which was released with 'Spider-Man 2' but for some reason didn't feature in the soundtrack:

Its a shame that the theme to Spectacular Spider-Man can't be used because of the title difference...but then again, seeing as the next film is titled 'The Amazing'...could 'The Spectacular' be next?

Personally I feel that the Michael Buble is most appropriate- I like the jazzy feel and it has a kind of epic quality that you can kind of visualise Spidey swinging and diving through the streets to. The theme at least needs some reference in the next film- its part of the Spidey mythos, and is referenced even in the comics.

But what do you think? Am I just making an issue out of nothing? Are the themes appropriate to the big screen or should they just stick to the television? If you think they should...which would you use? And are there any other superheroes themes that you feel have been neglected?

Debate away in the comment boards below...and thanks for reading!
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