Who Will Be The Villain In The New Spider-Man Movie?

Who Will Be The Villain In The New Spider-Man Movie?

Now that Spider-Man is being rebooted, the question is who will be the villain...

With the new Spider-Man film coming out the main question is who will be playing the villain

The Lizard: Of course we were disappointed with the fact that the Lizard was built up in the first three films and never made it on film. Let’s not forget that are the rumors so far are that the lizard will be the villain.

The Vulture: Perhaps this film could give a villain a proper usage and if any bad guy deservers a good portrayal it is the Vulture.

Electro: Let’s just say a guy who shoots electricity in 3D good enough for me

Hydro-Man: He is a villain who besides being amazing in 3D he is a lesser known bad guy who could be a pleasant surprise

The Villains from the past movies: It would be nice if these characters got a decent portrayal. Plus it would be nice if Venom got more then 10 minutes of screen time. However I'd wait till the second movie like Batman did.
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