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Given that I really dislike the first movie in the rebooted universe. It pretty much took a lot of convincing to prove to me that this universe is worth watching another time. Since I saw it early, no choice but to watch but does it hold up to make me continue for the spin-offs plus sequels?




So to start off, there will be some MILD spoilers within this review. Nothing too revealing but it is nothing major pertaining too the plot or story or what happens to the characters. You have been forewarned since I do believe spoiling this movie will not ignite a flame war, but will probably cause this site to go incredibly insane and lord knows I am the only insane one here. MOVING ON!

To get us acquainted with the movie. The movie of course is about Spider-Man and the continuing adventure of the first movie. As subtle as that may seem, it really isn't of course but pretty much this adventure gives us a certain different tale where this movie does harken back to Spider-Man 3 of Spider-Man having this over confident ego, massivley loved and of course balances out the life of being a superhero a teenager all at the same. Like always danger looms around the corner for our web-crawler that what a coincidence is all connected once again ranging from Max Dillion, Harry Osborn, & including The Rhino.

Now I wanna get over the negatives first before I go over the positivies of this movie. One of the few aching problems I had with this movie is the central villain, for someone who seems to be the cental villain he does have this sort of cliched background to him that most comic book fans or superhero movie-watchers will immediately get right off the bat. There is no complexity to who he is, there is no dwelling into who this character is other than the obvious fact that he presents himself as an obsessive civilian who works at OSCORP. Who everybody, like in all cliche villain books, doesn't like before he becomes this power-maniac. His mother doesn't like him well enough to even acknowledge his birthday, he's picked on at work for just standing around, he even gets dropped into a vat of mutant eels on accident because well....just cause. While I do say it somewhat follows the origin slightly, or the idea that no one cares about Max Dillion or how he got his powers in the comics is kind of reflected here; but if you are going to go as far as recreate a villain that doesn't have a very good origin to begin with or even character traits that make him not interesting enough, than what was the point of reflecting that comic origin or even mirroring it? It takes a toll the moment he does become Electro where yes he does seem like a lethal villain, but like the comic; not enough where I can say he is just as lethal as any other villain. I can say that is good enough, but I felt with an actor like Jaime Foxx, it took the role which was surprisingly meant to be serious, than ends up being completely ridiculous once he does get the powers of being this monster....that is completely ridiculous and cheesy sounding. I could say he probably is the least of my favorites from all the movies, but I feel he wasn't as bad or as bland as The Lizard, but his character makes up for what I can say impressive action scenes and nothing else to offer is what Electro does for the movie. 

As for comedy, if you didn't like the first Amazing Spider-Man's sense of humor, you will no doubt hate this movie. The worst scene which has already been revealed is Peter at OSCORP doing slapstick comedy with his powers all at the same time, that had some audience members laugh in my theater but wasn't really something needed. A simple subtle pickpocketing would of suffice, not the bullshit we got. Some jokes like the chimmney joke don't even feel right. I've always question that scene and why Webb or any of the writers feel that is funny cause I did not laugh one bit, despite how he just lied over Aunt May who still is as dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to questioning who Peter is. Her character moments are ok, but it seems clear to me the writers are slowly trying to mix in both the original Aunt May's move interpretation with the new one where honestly the blend of it doesn't seem natural that she is that dumb but yet can tell Peter influental dialogue or words of wisdom. I just don't get that in the slightest when it comes down to her character, in fact she should of just had a smaller role instead of giving her the same amount of time as the first movie. 

Now, on to the POSITIVES. For one, I think Garfield delivers it, you can tell distinct difference better between Spider-Man and Peter Parker better, but at times no matter what like in all the movies you get that subtle feeling where the characters question how he does this and that but yet never put 2 and 2 together. But no, enough of the negative feelings I have, what did work in this movie? Overall the best thing about this movie was the action of course. It does certainly feel more alive than any other Spider-Man movie that has been released. You do feel like you are there and this wasn't even in IMAX, and I had received a rough cut when I saw it. One thing I hate about some comic book movies is that the action doesn't feel as long as it should be, but I feel like other action movies that are long and are actually good enough length, this one hit all the right spots for action scenes. Harry Osborn is actually a lot better than Franco's Harry Osborn, where whether you see it or not is a clear VILLAIN and obviously not anywhere near a friend to Peter due to how off coming he does come across, especially after what happens to Norman that he does seem pretty ok about it all.

Rhino on the other hand, as much as I disliked the robot suit, you really don't get to see it in full glory that much, or even explore who Giamatti is. Call me crazy, but he was a better villain than Electro. For a villain that I think had like only 10 minutes of screen time, all you need to know about him is told easily to us just by looking at him and by god it works out better than Electro where as Electro it gives you signs of feeling bad, or not feeling guilty as to what he is doing since he obliterates Times Square, but even then it still gives hints as to how we should feel about him in a positive way. As for Rhino, he is funny, engaging but then again I don't expect anything worse when I see Giamatti act. He was my favorite villain of the movie despite his 10 minutes of awesome.

As for the story, this is a little tricky to really go in depth without spoiling it. Again though, the villains are pretty central to the story at hand where they have a clear legit reason as to why they want Spider-Man and why he is so important. There is scenes that explain more of Richard Parker than the last movie and goes a little more as to what Peter's powers come from but you're going to have to wait for the sequel, to FINALLY GET IT ALL. As for the movie it's dark turn happens after the 2nd act of the movie where it goes pretty much into a dark state of mind right after. Gwen in peril, revenge, DEATH, all of it pretty much harkens back to Staceys message of leaving Gwen out of it. The last 30 minutes of the movie, are probably the deepest, darkest moments of any Spider-Man movie because of what it does show us and what it does have in mind; including the ending which I felt was handled perfectly, better than any other Spider-Man movie. The last 30 minutes truly make up for the lame jokes, the lame villain and even some moments that just seem off.

I felt the movie was great, not excellent or amazing as the title seems to suggest but it is something to remember as a good Spider-Man movie where it is totally different than the past films in terms of giving us something that truly does work if you want it to work. When I mean "if you want it to" meaning you are going to have to try to really deviate yourself from the comics to enjoy the movie. Of course some will dislike it to the tee, but it is better than the first movie there is no denying it. This site will surely find ways and reasoning as to why this movie is bad or not following the comics, but I don't expect it no more in comic book movies. It's a fantasy to think of that but again that is your god-given freedom to give that opinion. I am simply looking at the movie as if it is good or not. It's not the best and it won't ever be the best; nor is it better than The Winter Soldier, but it is something to withold as "different" and nonetheless far more engaging than what we can expect from Sony. Maybe Sony can do a good job with this, maybe they can show us that they still have what it takes to deliver a great Spider-Man movie the 3rd time. As for what I give this movie?

Not as Amazing as the title suggests, but nonetheless gives us satisfaction with impressive action scenes, acting and an adventure that you really never have to take seriously....unless you want too. 


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