Things You May Have Missed In The New AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Trailer

Some things that were easy to miss without clear inspection, so this is definitely worth taking a look

Sorry for the inexperience, this is my very first post on this website and after watching the new amazing spider man i couldn't help myself.
Without wasting anymore of your time, I shall begin!

I'm going base my article off of this trailer: here we go!

0:57 is the only time we hear Aunt May (well presumably her)in the trailer unfortunately

1:09 Peter seems to be sitting atop an sheet of webs, but why is this significant? Remember the rumor where he was said to be in a subway and slings out these webs to use them to feel vibrations?
Well there you go, even though he is clearly in the sewer and not a subway, it's still the same concept. if he isn't feeling for vibrations, what else can he be doing? This proves to be exhibiting his resourcefulness just like in the comics! I would imagine this seen being the prelude to the later fight in the trailer where lizard's ravenous tail is creeping behind spider man.

1:11 He definitely assists Dr. Connors in developing the lizard serum, and although this is obvious, it seems as if this is heavily relied on in the movie (Peter says he has to stop lizard because he created him, and interesting enough Marc Webb said there is betrayal in this movie, is it pertaining to this?)

1:13 There is someone running out of the lab in the left of the screen what seems to be during the injection (irrfan khan anyone?)

1:22 In the left you can see the OSCORP logo which is presented in a similar way to Stark Industries

1:29 Lizard is lifting a police vehicle while more remind to the left of the screen behind him. Is spider man captain Stacy's main concern?

1:38 Captain Stacy pulls off peters mask, and how do I know it was him? He is wearing the same watch he had on at the 0:26 mark!

1:55 After looking closely at the rotating web, you can see it is home to many, many spiders.

2:10 As spider man lunges towards the lizard, you can notice that lizard has a container of the lizard serum. This is possibly the final battle which makes this interesting. The lizard serum is mounted on to the antenna pole right behind lizard (it's glowing green). Is lizard planning to infect people with the serum at this point? Does this mean he is going to be smart even in lizard form? If the SWAT people get infected, this would be the scene, being that the mega blocks set pieces had SWAT lizard and a big building in the same set.

2:11-2:12 You can see the school being evacuated, probably after lizard bursts through the toilet and fights spider man in the school library (I hope Stan the Man makes it out okay)!

2:16 They collapse in the water probably during the bridge fight (which i believe might involve C. Thomas Howell as a construction man)

2:18 The serum is gone! So is lizard and Peter's mask. Did lizard escape with the serum for the sequel? Look closely at the pole antenna thing. What was once a green container is now a clear container full of air. Did lizard escape with the serum for the sequel? At this point, I think it's safe to say he knows that Peter is spider man.

Well that is about it, sorry for going on but I'm just too excited! I know that most of you guys probably saw most of what I posted, but for those who didn't, well there you go! Some other thoughts: the color contrast is very noticeable, which was obvious because of the pictures, but I am loving this style of shooting so I'm definitely not complaining. It's like a toned down Zack Snyder movie, or maybe even like a David Fincher one. The chemistry, between every character, seems amazing, even the tension between Peter and captain Stacy. It's interesting that Peter seems to be very open with letting Gwen know he's spider man. Does captain Stacy die at the end when the building comes falling down? Is Dr. Connors more cynical than we think, even before he turns into the lizard? I know this movie is still holding back a lot of action, between Peter first utilizing his powers to him fighting more thugs or to him even battling lizard, but nonetheless I still feel spoiled receiving this trailer five months before the release date!
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