Top 15 Spider-Man/The Amazing Spider-Man movie scenes

Top 15 Spider-Man/The Amazing Spider-Man movie scenes

Here are the top 15 Spider-Man movie best scenes!

1)Spider-Man 2 - Train fight
Train scene in Spider-Man 2 is one of the best action sequences in any superhero movie

2)The Amazing Spider-Man - School fight
School fight scene in The Amazing Spider-Man is scene where we see REAL Spider-Man fighting, using webs, using so many differents ways to beat Lizard, just like in comics.

3)Spider-Man 2 - Bank fight
Epic fight, i love how Doc Ock and Spider-Man both fighting and then both suddenly falling and fighting in sky.

4)The Amazing Spider-Man - Stan Lee cameo
Stan Lee, guy who made Spider-Man and also Funniest Spider-Man scene.

5)The Amazing Spider-Man - Hand growth
Powerful scene. As an attempt to regenerate his missing arm,he injects himself with lizard D.N.A which seems to work(few min) and scene has powerful music.

6)Spider-Man 3 - J. Jonah Jameson funny
What a funny guy!

7)The Amazing Spider-Man - Flaming car sequence
After the dinner scene, where Captain Stacy calls out Spider-Man, and unknowingly Peter on the fact that he's a vigilante with a vendetta, not a hero, and following the bridge scene (which people do not realize is a pivotal moment), he puts the search aside and focuses on stopping The Lizard. The bridge scene is the moment when Peter realizes the hero he must become, it's the true introduction of Spider-Man in the film.

8)Spider-Man vs Green Goblin
A Brutal Fight Scene

9)The Amazing Spider-Man - Car thief
Scene when Spider-man is being a complete smartass epic troll to the car thief? That scene showcases showcases exactly how spider-man should be. It felt so good to finally see that aspect of spidey done justice.

10)The Amazing Spider-Man - Skateboarding
Peter awkwardly asking Gwen Stacy out then going out to discover how to use his powers and having fun skateboarding is a beautifully filmed, well done scene that really captures the feeling of a boy taking his first steps into becoming a man.

11)Spider-Man 2 - Life(Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head)
Just tries to be a normal Peter Parker

12)Spider-Man 2 - Im back
Back for how long? :D

13) Spider-Man 2 - Doc Ock comes alive
Birth of something scary :D

14)Spider-Man 3 – Sandman
Birth of Sandman

15)Spider-Man 3 – Spiderman vs Sandman
Awesome fight, but it´s too short 

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