VIDEO GAMES: First Few Reviews For Spider-Man: Edge Of Time Hit And They're Actually Good!

VIDEO GAMES: First Few Reviews For Spider-Man: Edge Of Time Hit And They're Actually Good!

VIDEO GAMES: First Few Reviews For <i>Spider-Man: Edge Of Time</i> Hit And They're Actually Good!

There's only been a few reviews for Spider-Man: Edge of Time so far, and while you may have assumed that they'd be as poor as the ones for X-Men Destiny, it seems that this game is considerably better...

If a game is good, you'll often see plenty of reviews praising it in the weeks before it's released. However, if the developers have produced a flop, you can all but guarantee that they won't turn up until well after it hits shelves. (I doubt that there's a gamer out there who hasn't been caught out like this!) Available to purchase as of right now in the US, the lack of reviews may have left you worried. Well, thanks again to Metacritic, we have a brief compilation of the first three reviews for Spider-Man: Edge of Time, and in a pleasant turn of events, it sounds like it's actually rather good!

Spider-Man: Edge of Time was an awesome surprise, proving, much like Shattered Dimensions, that the best games are the ones that aren’t based on a movie license. In fact, I would like to see a movie based on this game – that’s how cool and original the story was. Whether you’re a die-hard Spidey fan or just looking for the next great action-fighting game, Edge of Time excels in every aspect of game design with solid combat, fun navigational puzzles, and one of the best cinematic presentations of any Spider-Man game to date. Check it out.

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Spider-Man: Edge of Time may not bring any brand new elements to Spider-Man games, but it definitely solidifies what's already there. Creating a sense of continuity between games is also a welcome change. Much like what Batman: Arkham City is doing with the storyline established in Arkham Asylum; Edge of Time does retread and only continues to grow this "universe's" reality. Beenox once again proves Spider-Man is still a viable character in the industry, and, with the help of the voice actors and Peter David, they prove this is a game that Spider-Fans would be fools to skip. So swing into your local game store today for this next great Spider-Man adventure.

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At less than 10 hours for the campaign, the light replay value is only supported by in-game challenges and the usual unlockables (action figures, artwork, alternate costumes), so I can't say it's worth more than a rental. Spider-Man: Edge of Time feels like a warm-up instead of a full project, and I hope that Beenox has something more to bring to the table next time. Don't skip this new Spider-Man game, but just be aware that it's a few strands short of a full web.

Source: GamePro

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