What Spider-Man 4 Could Have Been

What Spider-Man 4 Could Have Been

Thank you to Sweetre15 for bringing this to my attention.

This was posted a little over a month ago by "The First Filmmaker" over on imdb.com, who claims to have seen the spider-man 4 script. I know what you're all probably thinking right now but this all sounds legit, it matches up with everything we had heard leading up to Spider-man 4's cancellation. If this is true, then it's no wonder Raimi had problems with the script and pulled out of SM4.

The following is from http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0948470/board/thread/165852652?d=165889031&p=1#165889031

- It takes place about five years after Spider-Man 3.

- Peter and Mary Jane has married ever since and has a kid. Yeah, that made me puke a little already and that was just the beginning.

- J. Jonah Jameson retires and is replaced by Adrian Toomes as the head of the Daily Bugle.

- The Vulture is the only villain. Vulturess must have been written out or something...

- The Vulture would have been totally different from the comics, Adrian Toomes creates a giant suit with a likeness to a Vulture that he has the ability to control with his mind. Yeah, corny much?

- Felicia Hardy is in the film, but only as Felicia. There are hints throughout the film though that eventually she would become the Black Cat.

- Dr. Curt Connors has a larger role because there are many scenes where Peter and Felicia are in his class.

- Peter starts to realize he does not love Mary Jane anymore (some superhero...) and ultimately starts cheating on her with Felicia.

- At the end of the film, Adrian Toomes is killed by Spidey and Peter later learns that Toomes was Felicia's god father.

- Felicia grows a hatred towards Spider-Man and Peter feels guilty.

- J. Jonah Jameson just randomly pops back up in the Daily Bugle like he never was gone in the first place.

- The end shows Mary Jane leaving with the baby somewhere unknown and Peter throws out his Spider-Man suit.

It also has a very cheesy part with Peter bringing his baby to the zoo...

Some of you might be going "no way this is true, they woulden't give spidey a kid after the epic fail Superman Returns was!" But as you recall there was a casting call for a two or three year old Caucasian with red hair to appear in SM4 before it got canned.
Now as some of you know I have been totally against this reboot idea from the get go, the biggest reboot hater on here actually with the only exception being LEEE777 (who constantly posts on every Spider-Man article saying "Frick the reboot." lol) but if this is legit then I am truly glad this thing never got made, what are your thoughts on this guys?
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