Williem Dafoe On Spider-Man 4 Return--"I Think It's Possible."

Williem Dafoe On Spider-Man 4 Return--"I Think It's Possible."

Williem Dafoe appeared as the original Green Goblin in Spider-Man...but is there room for him in the third sequel?

Everyone who had the opportunity in viewing the Spider-Man franchise up until part three is familiar with actor Williem Dafoe, who portrayed the original Green Goblin that died early in the franchise. MTV News recently encountered the actor and asked whether he could make a return in the coming sequel.

With the manner in which his character was depicted in the most recent spidey film, it comes as no surprise with his response on whether he's returning to the franchise.

"Let's put it this way — no one's called," he said to MTV News during a recent interview.

Fans are expecting two villains to make their debut appearance in the film; The Lizard played by Dylan Baker and Kraven, which seems to be at the top of the list for villains able to keep Spider-Man on his toes. As far as the direction that Sam Raimi will take in the form of villains for the film, that's an entirely different story because although the character of Dr. Curt Connors will make his return, it doesn't necessarily give the green-light on The Lizard appearing whatsoever in the film as the main villain or at all.

Dafoe played Norman Osborn in the film, father to Peter Parker's friend, Harry Osborn...the problem is, with Harry's character somewhat out of the picture when it comes to appearing in the third sequel, where does this leave Norman? Whose thoughts would he now possess? At the end of the day, Dafoe doesn't think reappearing is impossible in "Spider-Man 4."

"I think it's possible but I haven't heard anything," he said.

Whispers68: So, would anyone like his character returning for Spider-Man 4 in one way or another? Or should all forms of his character remain in the past?
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