With Great Power Comes Great Sublimation!

With Great Power Comes Great Sublimation!

First ASM2 got a costume overhaul, then the on-set photos emerged, and only a few hours later it was confirmed through more photos that Peter gets a haircut. So, in the theme of recent superhero fashion interest that dwarfs the red-carpet at the Oscars, lets take a moment to appreciate the craft of costume design.

As photos continue to trickle down the internet-pipes of the newly re-imagined Amazing Spider-Man, the forums are still contesting if this is simply a translation or copy of the costume used in Sam Raimi's films, an honest realization of the comic book costume, or just a product of both visions.

Personally, as a fan of industrial design, hand crafts, and the art of sublimation, I appreciate any and all realizations of two-dimensional art. It's a skill that I know from limited experience in engineering, can take a lot of time, research, testing, integration, and budgeting to be worthy of cinema appeal.

If you can't imagine the scope of effort that goes into bringing such iconic colors, symbols and shapes to the silver screen, then lets travel back in time to a couple years ago through this behind the scenes look at the costume design process in the original Spider-Man 2 film. I must admit that my original motivation for posting the video below was out of mild spite and not mere education. I was concerned that fans were confusing the original trilogy's costume to be a sole Sam Raimi concoction when it was more attributed to the collaborative vision and management of James Acheson (with Raimi's input of course). Now, it is my earnest hope that this video will reaffirm that the production teams behind these films are artists just like any penciller in the comic-book industry and deserve the same unique respect. A lot of effort goes into the photography of the costume as much as we find it cursory when viewing leaked set photos.

Lastly, I posture that if Ditko brought the physicality of Spider-Man to the pages, then Acheson brought the physicality of Spider-Man to the cinematic universe. I implore my fellow fans to make the same connections to Marc Webb's new direction and Brian Bendis' writing in the latest incarnation of our 50 year old hero.

I leave you all with some tabloid fanfare that missed the front pages next to the new ASM costume: Peter Parker got a new haircut and you can buy his Parka for only $116 online apparently as listed on JustJaredJr's article

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