Bruce Campbell Might Return for "Spiderman 4"

Bruce Campbell Might Return for "Spiderman 4"

Moviehole sits down with Sam Raimi for an exclusive interview, and Raimi hints at Bruce Campbell's possible return to "Spiderman."

Here's part of the interview where Sam Raimi hints about Bruce Campbell's return to the franchise:

Raimi: “For the first time in his life Bruce is an in-demand actor – at age 50”, laughs Raimi, who also worked on the actor on such films as “Spider-Man” and “The Quick and the Dead”. “He’s on a show called Burn Notice – which is really funny, and he’s great in it – and the week that I wanted to use him, he was busy doing that, so I couldn’t. He was just too in-demand, but we will try and get him in the next – probably Spider-Man 4, I’ll find a part for him.”

Moviehole: “Spider-Man 4” you say, Sam?

I think he'll return as Mephisto, but then again he could return just to make a cameo since Raimi tends to put him in almost all of his movies.

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