SPIDER-MAN 4 Production on Indefinite Hold

SPIDER-MAN 4 Production on Indefinite Hold

Looks like everyone's friendly neighborhood web slinger has been been placed on indefinite hold said an inside source exclusively to the IESB today.

Apparently "Spider-Man 4" is put on hold because of script reasons, so says IESB.net:

Apparently, several department heads working on the SPIDER-M4N production were notified of the halt last Thursday. Spidey and friends have some issues that need to be dealt with before production can move forward once again. Oh, and the film is known as SPIDER-M4N within the production offices so take note! Who wants to be the first to start the trending topic on Twitter #SPIDER-M4N?

An inside source working on the project tells IESB that there are some major issues director Sam Raimi is dealing with that include an incomplete script. And why is the script incomplete? Looks like Raimi and the studio heads at Sony Pictures can't agree upon a villain for the film.

Since the last movie Raimi tried hard to make Vulture the villain but instead they got Venom to be the partner of Sandman. Other bad news is that Sony will only get a villain who is selling in the comic books. Inside sources also say that all this commotion is also causing conflicts within the production. So I guess we really won't hear a lot of SPIDER-MAN 4 at the moment, possibly on January all this will be settled.


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