DC Comics Fans Launch Petition To Make The Joker Gay

DC Comics Fans Launch Petition To Make The Joker Gay

Here is yet another petition done by DC fans, but this time it is regarding the Joker himself! More specifically his sexual orientation. Read on for more...

DC Comics fans are petitioning the comic book company to offically make the Joker gay in the comic books and other media. The petition was posted on Change.org and appears to originate from Russia. As of now the petition has gathered 362 signatures out of 500 needed. It seems like lots of DC Comics fans want DC Comics to officially acknowlege the Joker as gay. The petition itself states that the Joker "has many feminine traits - he uses lipstick, he paints his nails, wears high heels and sometimes does crossdressing."

DC Comics itself has a long history of having and featuring LGBTQIA characters, so perhaps adding the Joker to that list would not be so crazy. Of course there are some critics who are against the idea of the Joker becoming gay or part of the LGBTQIA community. Despite the critics, there are indeed some moments during the comics where the Joker does do or say things that lead fans to believe that he is gay or LGBTQIA-friendly. 

Here is the final passage of the Change.org petition: "We ask DC Comics to restore The Joker's homosexuality in comics and other media. No one's sexual identity should be changed, even if it's only a fictional character. Because sometimes fictional characters is something real people hold onto."

Whether or not DC Comics actually listens to the fans remains to be seen. It's possible that the comics version is offically acknowledged as gay or if perhaps even Jared Leto's movie version of the Clown Prince is acknowledged as gay. This would be great news to fans who are part of the LGBTQIA community. What do you think of this petiton? Should the Joker be gay? Sound off below!


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