SPOILERS: The Mid-Credits Scene For SUICIDE SQUAD Has Been Revealed

<font color=red>SPOILERS:</font> The Mid-Credits Scene For SUICIDE SQUAD Has Been Revealed

Regardless of the reviews, there are still many fans who can't wait to see Suicide Squad. However, will the much talked about mid-credits scene be worth sticking around for? Hit the jump to find out...

With critics finding fault with everything from The Joker to the lead villain of Suicide Squad, you may be wondering if there any compelling reasons left to actually check the movie out this weekend! Luckily, it sounds like the mid-credits scene will be well worth sticking around for as it sets up both Justice League and even a possible conflict between Batman and Amanda Waller somewhere down the line.

Here's a SPOILER-FILLED description of how things play out courtesy of We Got This Covered.

The scene has Bruce Wayne talking to Amanda Waller in her office, getting dossier files on the members of the Justice League he’s trying to round up in exchange for using his influence to help cover up the damage to the city that the Suicide Squad causes while going after Enchantress. They both have dirt on each other, though. When he leaves, he makes a crack about friendship. She says, “I don’t believe in friendship, I believe in leverage.” He looks at her and she follows, “You look tired. You should stop working nights.” He replied, “If you don’t shut it down someone will do it for you,” or something to that effect, and then leaves.

So, Waller knows that Bruce is Batman and he's made it clear that any future attempts to reform Task Force X will potentially lead to him stepping up to stop that from happening. Where and when any of this will play out remains to be seen, but this description does at least explain why Ben Affleck was spotted on set in a business suit! Are you interested in seeing Suicide Squad to check out this stinger? 
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