Suicide Squad - DCEU wins BIG at the box office

Suicide Squad - DCEU wins BIG at the box office

Suicide Squad will today pass the 731 Million mark in 8 weeks, with bad reviews and no China opening. Congrats to DC and Warner's.

Through all the hate this movie got from media outlets on a daily basis, it proved that people are the ones that decide what is good and what not.
You can read almost an article a day since the release of Suicide Squad, about how bad the movie is doing.

Here is a quick update with a list of movie Suicide Squad managed to beat at the box-office in 6 weeks related to shared comic book movie universes.

Thor  – Total box-office 449 Million Worldwide in 18 weeks;
Iron Man  – Total box-office 585 Million Worldwide in 24 weeks;
Iron Man 2  – Total box-office 623 Million Worldwide in 17 weeks;
The Incredible Hulk – Total box-office 263 Million Worldwide in 13 weeks;
Thor: The Dark World – Total box-office 644 Million Worldwide in 25 weeks;
Captain America: The First Avenger- Total box-office 370 Million Worldwide in 17 weeks;
Hulk  – Total box-office 245 Million in 16 weeks;
Ant-man – Total box-office 519 Million in 23 weeks;
Captain America The Winter Soldier – Total box-office 714 Million Worldwide in 21 weeks;

And one  more that made a bit more in a lot more weeks;

Guardians of the Galaxy – Total box-office 773 Million in 23 weeks;
To all the haters that bash DCEU , 3 movies deep we are at 2.273 Billion so far , where the MCU at that stage was 1.45 Billion. You might not like the movies, but they have proven that DC even with negatives spilled over it has fans that will see the movies, if the next movies are criticicaly loved we are in for some competition.
Congrats to DC and Warner's, we hope your next two movies break the billion per movie mark and be better. 
Peace out.

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