SUICIDE SQUAD Is The "Comic Book Movie 2.0" According To Director David Ayer

SUICIDE SQUAD Is The "Comic Book Movie 2.0" According To Director David Ayer

SUICIDE SQUAD Is The "Comic Book Movie 2.0" According To Director David Ayer

Suicide Squad looks like it could steal the show in 2016, and a lot of that has to do with David Ayer. Speaking to Empire, the director had some strongly-worded thoughts on what makes his film so different from the standard superhero fare - calling it the "Comic Book Movie 2.0"!

This week, Empire released a fantastic cover story on DC's upcoming big screen adaptation of Suicide Squad. Featuring a ton of juicy details, and some beautiful one-sheet covers, it should get you even more excited about one of the most intriguing and unusual comic book movies of 2016. Indeed, it was a huge suprise when WB green lit the project in the first place - but, according to EP Charles Roven, their confidence came from director David Ayer.

"We'd just started shooting Batman v Superman, we were figuring out our path through the expanding DC Justice League universe," Roven explained, "Then David Ayer came and pitched his take on Suicide Squad. It had this darkness and edge, while still tonally in the zone of what we're trying to do with these movies. And it's impossible that you could get a big tentpole picture from pitch to start of principal photography and faster than we did."

Additonally, Ayer delivered a rather strong-worded explanation about what makes a property like Suicide Squad different from the standard superhero affair. "You know, all these movies are about defeating the evil alien robot from f*cking Planet X, before it destroys the world with its ticking clock. And who the f*ck cares?" he claimed. "But 
you do this story about struggle and isolation and people who have been shit on that suddenly get thrown this lifeline... that's not so bad... I like to think of this as the Comic Book Movie 2.0"

Ayer makes an interesting point about superhero movies and their routinely world-ending stakes. Age Of Ultron may have been guilty of this, but so was Man Of Steel, and it's also worth noting that one of best parts of Ant-Man was the way it changed things up and made the stakes more personal. Do you agree with what Ayer says? Sound off below!

Suicide Squad hits theatres August 5, 2016.

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