SUICIDE SQUAD Toy Spotted At Comic-Con Possibly Reveals An Insane SPOILER For The Movie

SUICIDE SQUAD Toy Spotted At Comic-Con Possibly Reveals An Insane <font color=red>SPOILER</font> For The Movie

A new Hot Toys action figure has been spotted on the floor of the San Diego Comic-Con which appears to reveal a shocking transformation that Jared Leto's Joker will go through in the upcoming movie...

As far as I know, Hot Toys has never made a movie themed action figure which hasn't come directly from the big screen, so chances are that this deranged version of Batman will indeed be in Suicide Squad and that it isn't just a variant made for fun. If so, the company has spoiled a huge moment from the David Ayer helmed release as we see Jared Leto suited up as a twisted version of the Dark Knight.

Could this be the costume the Clown Prince of Crime dons to take on Task Force X? It would certainly be a pretty cool moment if the team thought Batman had shown up to take them on, only for it to be The Joker instead! Adding further weight to the possibility that this really is from Suicide Squad is the fact that there's another sort of action figure on display with the same bizarre and weird appearance. 

What do you guys think about The Joker possibly donning the cape and cowl in Suicide Squad

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