More SUPERGIRL Info On Kara, SUPERMAN & The Lumberjack

More SUPERGIRL Info On Kara, SUPERMAN & The Lumberjack

More SUPERGIRL Info On Kara, SUPERMAN & The Lumberjack

Wannabe actors love posting their audition videos online for the whole world to see. Thankfully, they do as they are a nice goldmine of information for upcoming shows, like CBS's Supergirl. Check out info on Kara, Alex, Superman and the Lumberjack.

More audition videos for CBS' Supergirl have surfaced. These contain information on Kara and her parents, her cousin Superman and the first villain she faces who is known as the Lumberjack.

The first video is of a young actress who auditioned for the role of Supergirl/Kara, that eventually went to Melissa Benoist ("Glee"). Her scenes involve Kara saying goodbye to her biological folks before they ship her off to Earth. They tell her that her pod is all set to follow after her baby cousin Kal-El/Superman. There is also a second scene in the video in which Kara is talking to her foster-mother about how hard it is to exist in this world with superpowers.

This next video features a guy reading for the villainous role of the Lumberjack. He will be Supergirl's first villain in the pilot. His first scene involves the Lumberjack being ordered to kill Supergirl by some mysterious villain. His second scene is a confrontation with Supergirl where he demands that she tell him who she is and where she is from. Of course, Supergirl says no but then for some odd reason tells him everything about her Kryptonian past.

The last video is of an actress reading for the part of Kara's foster sister Alex Danvers. Alex is apart of a secret government agency and she has to explain to her boss Agent Hank Henshaw, who knows of Kara's powers already, that Kara is not harmful.

What's interesting, is that in all three videos there is a reference to Superman, which makes you think they will have to show him at some point. There is little chance the show will be linked to Henry Cavill's Superman, so that means there is a good chance we'll have another Superman flying around.

You can read the full transcripts by clicking here.
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