8 Superhero Movies Which Have The Potential To Save The DC FILMS UNIVERSE

8 Superhero Movies Which Have The Potential To Save The DC FILMS UNIVERSE

While fans are hoping that Wonder Woman and Justice League will "save" the DC Films Universe, it's these movies which really have the potential to help Warner Bros. rival, and even top, the MCU...

2016 was an important year for Warner Bros. and the DC Films Universe and, well, it didn't exactly go as planned. Both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad were panned by critics and received a mixed response from fans, and while both did well at the box office, the former definitely disappointed as a movie featuring these two icons really should have sailed past the $1 billion mark.

Now, I liked both of those movies, but it's clear some changes need to made. Many believe that it will be Wonder Woman and the new and improved version of Justice League which "saves" the DC Films Universe, and I think that's possible...to an extent. Personally, I'm not convinced they'll be the game changers many are hoping for, but the eight movies listed below could very well be exactly that. 

Some of these projects are rumoured to be in development, while others you'll have never even thought of (there's one in particular which I think will really get you talking). However, they all have the potential to take the DC Films Universe and not only turn its fortunes around in the near future but make it a true force to be reckoned with which could very well end up making it a rival to the MCU.

8. Man Of Steel 2

Man of Steel set the tone for the DC Films Universe, and while it was by no means a bad movie, that tone was all wrong. The bleak and often downright depressing reboot took the optimistic Superman and turned him into a brooding figure who spent years failing to live up to his potential (even after allowing his father to sacrifice himself) and turned to murder in order to save the day.

A sequel with a new writing team and director at the helm has the opportunity to deliver the movie that Man of Steel should have been with a larger than life protagonist like Brainiac or Bizarro and a tone which finally brings some much-needed lightness to this very dark world. Yes, it's been promised that Justice League will do that, but a solo Superman adventure which takes a similar approach to Geoff Johns' Action Comics run (to name just one example) could very well be the game changer we've all been waiting for and the best movie featuring this iconic hero to date.

7. Legion Of Superheroes

It was rumoured a long time ago that we would be getting a Legion of Superheroes movie, but we've heard nothing since. While the roster (which is extremely diverse and varied) may not be particularly well known to even a lot of comic book fans, that was once the case for the Guardians of the Galaxy, so there's nothing to say this movie couldn't find success. Time travel is something we're likely going to see in both Justice League and The Flash to at least some degree, but Legion of Superheroes could take that idea and run with it in a way which ensures that this movie would stand out in a genre that looks like it will get more and more crowded over the next few years. 

If the studio can get their act together, this could even tie into the greater DC Films Universe as a whole, with the team visiting key moments in the past, present, and future to stop any manner of cosmic threats which could factor into a future Justice League movie down the line (the Anti-Monitor for example). This may not be a movie most fans are crying out for, but it could still be just what Warner Bros. needs as of right now.

6. Deadshot

Deadshot movie may not exactly sound like a game changer, but it has potential. Will Smith proved in Suicide Squad that he can still take the lead and deliver in terms of charisma, and while a character like Floyd Lawton would need a strong supporting cast of heroes and villains from the comic books to make a solo outing a real must see, he could definitely carry his own movie and make it one of the most exciting additions to the DC Films Universe to date. 

One thing Marvel Studios has yet to do is take their lesser known characters and put them in lower budgeted movies, but Warner Bros. could break new ground here and deliver something truly special. A stylistic take on the assassin could provide some incredible action sequences and a very different sort of tone, and should Deadshot succeed, it could help change the face of this world as we know it as characters who would previously stand no chance of getting the spotlight all to themselves step up and outshine the big boys.

5. Birds Of Prey

From what little we know about Gotham City Sirens, the movie will keep the focus on villainous characters like Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy rather than the heroic members of the Birds of Prey as was first rumoured. That's not necessarily a bad thing though as assuming this movie succeeds, Warner Bros. could follow it with one starring the likes of Batgirl and Black Canary, then bring these two franchises together for some sort of epic team-up or even "vs" each other. 

From there, any one of these characters could be given their own solo outings or even show up elsewhere, and in the space of just a couple of female-led movies, the studio has the potential to expand the DC Films Universe in a significant and meaningful way. Fans have made it clear that they want to see more female heroes and villains on the big screen, and if they play their cards right, Warner Bros. could have several new franchises on their hands here, outshining Captain Marvel and singling them out as having something no other studio producing these movies has. 

4. Shazam

We don't really know much at all about Shazam at this stage, especially as the movie is still a good couple of years away. However, one thing that has been confirmed is the fact that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will play Black Adam, a character who could very well steal the spotlight from whoever ends up taking on the title role. Delving into the mythological and magical side of the DC Films Universe could shake this world up in the same way Doctor Strange did for the MCU, and that alone is well worth being very excited about. 

Should Superman appear as many believe a Christmas Day Instagram post from Johnson indicated, then that too would make Shazam even more exciting than it already sounds, but for this to work, Warner Bros. really need to commit to a very different sort of approach. That could lead to the introduction of the Justice League Dark and a series of supernatural themed adventures which offer moviegoers a very different sort of superhero adaptation.

3. Justice League 2

I'm a huge Zack Snyder fan and am among the few who actually like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, the filmmaker's very distinctive visual style is unmistakable, and no matter how different he's attempted to make Justice League in terms of tone, it will still no doubt be an unmistakable Snyder film.

Bringing in a new director for the follow-up (even if it continues the same story) would be a smart move on the part of Warner Bros., especially as a new take on these characters is pretty much essential once Snyder wraps up his trilogy of sorts this November. A fresh perspective could help usher in a Phase
 2 of sorts for the DC Films Universe the same way that Joss Weedon coming in to take the helm of The Avengers drastically altered the MCU as we know it. This world needs some fresh blood, and that applies to the Justice League in particular. 

2. Reverse-Flash

I wanted to put at least one wildcard pick on here, and everything from Lobo to Nightwing and Green Arrow: Supermax (which would be soooo cool) crossed my mind. So, why Reverse-Flash? Well, rather than telling his original story in The Flash, I think it would be far more interesting to see him get his own standalone movie with that ultimately leading to a confrontation between him and the Scarlet Speedster in a sequel to Barry Allen's first solo adventure. 

Following Edward Thawne as a youngster, the movie could delve into his love of The Flash and the moment that turned to hatred as he too becomes a speedster, albeit one who goes down a much higher darker path. Exploring the future of the DC Films Universe, Reverse-Flash could introduce brand new characters and cram itself full of amazing Easter Eggs, all the while telling a fascinating story of one man's descent into villainy. It could even end with him travelling back to kill Nora Allen, thereby leading to the inevitable creation of The Flash and a confrontation between the two. Moviegoers would be seriously invested in Eobard 
after watching this and it would make a battle between the two speedsters seriously epic.

1. The Batman

Well, duh. It's been a weird few months as Ben Affleck has gone back and fore in regards to whether or not he'll direct The Batman, with shooting set to start this spring in one interview and then no script existing in the next. Simply put, though, this movie must happen. While Live by Night is receiving mixed reviews, Affleck has delivered as a filmmaker on three separate occasions in the past (Argo even won an Oscar), so fans should absolutely have faith in his capability to deliver here. 

Little is known about the movie right now, but with Deathstroke looking like the big bad, it's already clear that this will be a totally fresh take and probably unlike anything we've seen before. No, it probably won't deliver the "fun" tone many seem to want from the DC Films Universe, but Batman doesn't need to, and of all the solo movies on the way, it's this one which should take advantage of taking things down a darker and more adult route. We just need the damn thing to get a release date. 

Which of these movies do you think stand the greatest chance of "saving" the DC Films Universe? As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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