All-Star Superman Saves a Life

All-Star Superman Saves a Life

An event in Grant Morrison's All-Star Superman, which becomes the subject of an animated DVD movie in February, has actually been revealed to save someone's life.

Check out this post from under the title "Why Superman is My Hero":

"I have struggled with depression ever since I was ten years old. It had crippled me emotionally. I was 27 years old, no college degree, no job and no will to live. I decided to kill myself after Christmas.

"And then my sister's boyfriend loaned me these comics. Superman is dying of radiation poisoning and is trying to complete all of his tasks before he dies, but he still takes the time to save a young girl who is about to jump off a building.

"I cried for hours after reading this. I identified with that girl so much, and I could almost hear Superman telling me that I'm stronger than I think.

"Now every time my depressesion starts to rear its ugly head, I just repeat his words and imagine him hugging me when I'm standing on the edge. It works better than any medication or therapy I've ever had.

"Now I'm in college and top of my class. I have friends. I have a life. And I don't care that he's a fictional comic book character. He still saved me."

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