Are WB Already Scouting Locations For A MAN OF STEEL Sequel?

Are WB Already Scouting Locations For A MAN OF STEEL Sequel?

It seems to be a growing trend that studios are green lighting sequels before the first movie is even released, but could WB be thinking about shooting locations for a follow up to Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel already?

Here is an interesting report from a local in Yorkville where Zack Snyder has previously filmed many scenes for the movie..

Word is that there is a sequel is already in the works. Crews checking site in Yorkville IL where the Kent house was/is and Plano Il / AKA Smallville for next film...shhhh they tell me. Oops

Oops indeed! Obviously we can't take this as Gospel, but really it's not even that surprising if true. These days studios, Warner Bros. especially, seem very fond of looking into follow ups to potential blockbusters before said movies have even made a single cent. Granted actual location scouting would be unusual, but they may just be getting the jump while they are in the area anyway. We have also heard a previous rumor that suggested WB are looking for a new writing team for a sequel, so this would lend credence to that. Hey I'm all for it, shows they have confidence in Snyder to deliver. Then again, just keep Green Lantern in mind eh fellas!

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