Artist Peter Rubin Designer of New SUPERMAN Logo Discusses His Work on MAN OF STEEL

Artist Peter Rubin Designer of New SUPERMAN Logo Discusses His Work on MAN OF STEEL

Peter Rubin is a concept artist, he has worked on creature designs for Green Lantern. He is now working on logos and set designs of Krypton for Man of Steel.

Peter is a true pioneer in the field of concept art. He was one of the first to completely go all digital. He has contributed to many films, most recently Green Lantern and The Three Musketeers.

Peter Rubin revealed to the website Film Sketchr that he is the man behind the new "S" insignia upon Henry Cavill's chest. While reviews have varied for much of the costume, not too many have voiced disapproval of the redesigned chest logo.

Well, Man of Steel comes out in 2013. I've left some fingerprints on that. I spent nine months working with Alex on the details of Krypton. Like I said, he's a thinker... for him, it was all about the aesthetic and the culture of these aliens - characters that everybody thinks they already know, which made it all the more challenging. He was very particular, which drove me to work hard to try master the style he had in mind. It stretched me, and I think we did some new and interesting things, both from a visual point of view and also technologically, within the process. Zack is a strong director, too, and I'm very excited by what he's bringing to the story. What we did behind the scenes is going to have repercussions in the business, and on screen it's going to knock people's socks off, in my opinion.

I'm a huge Superman fan going back to childhood, and so was very, very glad to be a part of it. I got some amazing design opportunities. For one, I was asked to design the new "S" insignia, the one that Henry Cavill is wearing in all those leaked on-set photos. I've been drawing that in one version or another since I was four years old. I was hitting in the sweet spot, and it felt like one of the high points of my career as a designer. There were some interesting struggles associated with it - I'll tell that story someday. :) -

Man Of Steel, starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Michael Shannon, Antje Traue, Julia Ormond, Russell Crowe, Laurence Fishburne with Christopher Meloni and Harry Lennix, the reboot is slated for theaters June 14th, 2013!

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