Bin Laden DEAD! Would Superman Care?

Bin Laden DEAD! Would Superman Care?

Bin Laden DEAD! Would Superman Care?

After announcing that he will renounce his American citizenship, would Superman be for, or against us taking out Osama?

Doesn't look like we will see covers like this anymore.

I guess Superman won’t be celebrating with the American people and military today. While the rest of us “Americans” celebrate the killing of the orchestrator of the 9/11 attacks “Osama Bin Laden” (I know the media has been spelling it “Usama” as of about 2 years ago but I still spell it the old way), I guess Superman will be too busy trying to appeal to everyone else to care. In fact these days he might be scolding us for violating Pakistan’s borders (really?), now that he is an International hero who only sometimes bothers with us pesky Americans [heavy sarcasm]. Talk about bad timing and judgment, in an attempt to make Superman a global hero and cut his exclusive ties to America, the WB and DC decided, as you all well know by now, to have Superman renounce his citizenship in Action comics #900.

I think Al Gough, the co-creator of Smallville, said it best.
"This sounds like a callous marketing ploy by a large entertainment conglomerate to make a classic American character more appealing to a worldwide audience," he opines. "The international box office on most superhero films is equal to, or below the domestic gross (see Spidey, Iron Man, even Dark Knight). Compare that to the grosses of other blockbusters (Harry Potter, Transformers) where the international BO is twice as big as domestic grosses. Btw, the international gross on the last Superman film was $50 million below the domestic. There is nothing 'creative' about this big announcement or additive to the cannon, it’s all about business."

The bottom line is, if you put the cannon aside; Superman is a fictional character created here in American by American citizens. He has been the most profitable franchise for the WB. Which is only true because long before the rest of the world cared about “Superman,” America loved him for being for “Truth, Justice, and the AMERICAN way.” He wasn’t for the “Soviet’s way,” or the “Chinese way,” or for things like “Sharia law,” or all the ethnic cleansing that is very normal in other parts of the world. He wasn’t for a Monarchy (sorry Brits, no disrespect but he wasn’t for that), or totalitarian government. Although he grew up in America Superman made his own choice to be for the American way. Which is the way of liberty and justice for all, and representative government where “We the People” are in control (I know we can have a separate debate about whether that is still actually happening, but I am referring to what Superman was buying into). Superman believed in the “AMERICAN” ideals and fought to uphold them.

I am not writing this to hate on anyone. I simple want to share my personal feeling on this subject at a very poignant time in American today.

Oh, and as a member of the U.S. Air Force. I just want to say. U.S.A.,U.S.A.,U.S.A.,U.S.A.,U.S.A.,U.S.A.,U.S.A.,U.S.A.,U.S.A.,U.S.A.,U.S.A.,U.S.A.,U.S.A.,U.S.A.,U.S.A.,U.S.A.,U.S.A.!!!!!!!
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