Brandon Routh Finds Strength From SUPERMAN RETURNS Setback

Brandon Routh Finds Strength From SUPERMAN RETURNS Setback

Bryan Singer's take on Superman was not a box office disaster, but the film failed to revitalize one of Warner Bros. most valuable properties. A sequel was scrapped and Brandon Routh had to go looking for a new gig.

I always find it difficult to judge Brandon Routh's performance in Superman Returns when he wasn't given that much to do or say. Superman may have been the title of the film, but it felt like it was the Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) and Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) show.

The film itself is awkward. Bryan Singer decided to go back to the Richard Donner universe which in theory sounded good, but the execution was poor, the look never seems to match Donner's. It comes across as though the director was more interested in paying homage to Donner instead of fleshing out a truly great Superman film. It also didn't help that they had Superman father a child out of wedlock and stalk his ex.

While promoting his new film Crooked Arrow Brandon Routh touches upon the disappointment that was Superman Returns.

"That's pretty evident . . . it didn't go the way I was expecting. I wondered was it me? Was it them? Was there something I could have done differently? You know, you have perceptions of certain things and you are promised certain things, and when they don't pan out the way you expect, you have to readjust."

"Either you wilt in the face of it. Or you get stronger. So I had to realize this may not be the path I was expecting, but maybe it's a better path. So instead of pouting about it, you know, get a stiff upper lip and move on. I am a stronger person for all of it."

"We were supposed to do more (Superman movies) but I don't know what the reality would have been like. I don't know if that would have been better for me or not. The fact is this is where I am now."

"And maybe this is a better place. You know, I turned down a lot of roles because I thought there was going to be another Superman movie and I was very, very protective of that image and that character because he doesn't wear a mask."

That better place Brandon Routh refers to is a starring role in a low-budget knock-off of Disney's The Mighty Ducks. The film, Crooked Arrows, is being sold as the first mainstream film to showcase the sport of Lacrosse, and if you understand The Mighty Ducks reference you can surely guess the plot. A selfish man who grew up on lacrosse is forced to coach a team full of losers, but along the way he rekindles his passion for the sport and cultivates a winning team.

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