Bryan Singer On MAN OF STEEL; Endorses Nicholas Hoult As A Young Han Solo

Bryan Singer On MAN OF STEEL; Endorses Nicholas Hoult As A Young Han Solo

In yet another interview, the Superman Returns director gives his thoughts on Zack Snyder and his upcoming Supes reboot. He also discusses the whisperings (rumors?) that his Jack The Giant Slayer star Nicholas Hoult may play Han Solo in a Star Wars spin-off..

While once again discussing X-Men: Days Of Future Past (he doesn't reveal anything new) director Bryan Singer is asked, by Moviefone, about the possibility of his young Jack The Giant Slayer actor Nicholas Hoult playing a younger incarnation of Han Solo in one of the Star Wars spin-off movies. The site reckon they've seen "Hoult's name on some shortlists" for the role (we haven't) and ask Singer about it. Not only does the director like the idea, but he even came close to mentioning it to Hoult himself.

"I don't know anything, but I literally would not be surprised if something like that happened. I almost said something to Nick today about it, like, "You know, I wouldn't be surprised if you find yourself in one of those." But I have no idea, even though I'm working with Simon Kinberg every day and he is involved with that franchise, I have no information about that. It's just my own intuition."

As everyone here on CBM will know, Singer directed the first ill-fated Superman reboot, Superman Returns. The film is generally seen as a noble failure (and that might be generous to some), so what are Singer's thoughts on what fans will hope will be movie redemption for the big blue boy-scout, Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel? "Oh, very excited to see it. I love the trailer, and I think Zack Snyder is incredibly talented," says Singer. "It would have been strange for me if this was a few years ago; it would have been a little weird. But now there's so much distance from that world that I'm actually pumped to see it, genuinely. So I'm just looking forward to it."

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