Climactic Scene Details From Man Of Steel Revealed?

Climactic Scene Details From Man Of Steel Revealed?

Climactic Scene Details From <i>Man Of Steel</i> Revealed?

We have some rumored details on the final battle scenes from Zack Snyder's Superman reboot here courtesy of Cosmicbooknews. Nothing confirmed of course, but possible SPOILERS ahead..

What follows are some possible details regarding the final battle scenes in Man Of Steel. To be honest even if they are accurate it's not exactly anything we couldn't have guessed at from the various set images etc we have already seen, but the placement of the scenes and a couple of extra details regarding Zod and Clark are interesting. Anyway, possible SPOILER WARNING..

• The showdown between Superman, Zod and Faora is the climax of the film.

• This occurs just after Zod discovers Superman's secret identity as Clark Kent, which results in Zod attacking the Kent Farm.

• The result of the attack leaves Superman "pissed off," battling it out in downtown Smallville vs. Zod and Faora -- who have left the US Armed Forces in ruins.

• Christopher Meloni's character is also a "Superman hater" and skeptical of the super-hero.

Sounds cool, a pissed off Supes is definitely a good thing! I'm not too sure about the climax occurring in Smallville though, I was kinda hoping for something on a bit of a larger scale. Like space! But we'l see what happens anyway. What would you guys make of these details if true?


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