Comicbook Jerk's Superman Doomsday Review Part 3 WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

Comicbook Jerk's Superman Doomsday Review Part 3 WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

The Final Chapter of the saga! See who Won!


What blows your fucking mind more than Supergirl's Tampons is that everything Kevin Smith tried to tell you is all true!
(Kevin Smith Talking about superman Lives)
So yeah, Superman shows up nowhere and battles a giant Spider!

Not really like the Wild Wild West Spider but pretty fucking close!

Then we get one of the most disturbing fucking scenes I have ever seen in an animated movie! Heavy Metal doesn't even come close to this shit!

Superman flies back to Lex Luthors and...I don't know if I can say it...
Fuck it!
Superman pretty much is now Lex Luthor's Sex Slave!
And this is where Superman pretty much gets sexually assaulted by Lex Luthor!

He called it a fucking rumpus room! OH MY FUCKING GOD!
I don't want to see this shit happen! But it does, and there's nothing anyone can do about it!
So wipe it out of your memory until you see your therapist, cause Lex Mother fucking Luthor just raped Superman! "Pedo Bear over Lex"

I'm left so blank by what just happened, I kind of forget this is just a clone of Superman, but still! Who in the fuck wrote this?

They took one of my favorite comic book characters, "Superboy," and literally had him grow up and get raped right in front of my eyes!

Its worse than that time they combine Superboy and Spiderman together to make spiderboy...

Holy fucking shit-kickers in the summer, that's a damn understatement!
The movie's not over yet, but I don't see how it could have ever gotten that bad!
So no Steel, No Eradicator, nor Cyborg Superman, but a Bizarro mixed with Superboy.
Well, as The real Superman's waking up, the Fortress Clone Superman is going after the Toyman for his giant spider shit and kills him by dropping him into a car so everyone's pretty shocked.

Clone superman then goes to get a haircut and pays with a BB...

While Lois and Jimmy discover Superman Clones. That just fucking great I just want this piece of shit to end cause I have had enough of My Memories ruined!
Well lets finish this shit fest why don't we!
Superman shows up to fight his clone and they...well you will never guess it!
Have an epic Oil Wrestling match...
Yeah, two Supermen fight it out all oiled and lubed up ready to rape your childhood!
But Lois don't share her Supermen- she's a one women kind of gal, and she kills the clone
and the real Superman hugs him to sleep and Superman lives happily ever after!

But YOU won't!
After you get done with this vile waste of time you will want to burn all of your comic books that have anything to do with Superman, because you won't be able to wash the filth off!

First off, the animation is terrible! They gave Superman a Clitorus Chin!

Second, they made Superman Lex Luthors love interest!

You also can't completely disregard Jonathon Kent as the person who helped Superman come back!

And Last, with the poor writing of this film, you're left pissed off and in dire search of continuity! What could have been an epic masterpiece trilogy was turned into blunt head trauma!
People can shout out excuses all they want to.

Oh, well they only had 1 movie and an hour and 10 minutes to tell the story!
So what, they gave Batman Superman: Publice Enemies a sequel ! When they released Batman Superman Apocolypse!

Even in those films they included other Superheroes and Villains!
In the end, I hope there all proud of themselves, because they ruined one of the greatest stories ever told!

Grand Prize : Death Of Superman Pack

1. Never Opened White Bag Adventures of Superman #500
2. Action Comics #687
3. Superman Doomsday: Hunter Prey Book 3
4. Superman # 75 with Card
5.Superman: man of Steel 20
6. Superman # 78
7. Superman # 82
8. The Adventures of Superman # 501
9. Death of Superman Graphic Novel

1st Runner up: Superboy Comics Pack

1. The Adventures of Superman # 501
2. Superboy and the Ravers # 2
3 Supervoy and The Raver # 12
4. The New Adventures of Superboy # 5
5. The Adventures of Superman # 506
6. Superman and the Ravers # 11
7. Superboy # 36

2nd Runner Up : Superboy Comics Pack 2

1. The Adventures of Superman # 533 (Yeah I know it doesn't belong :P)
2. Superboy #53
3. Superboy # 39
4. Superboy # 93
5. Superboy and the Ravers # 5

3rd Prize Runner up: Superman Action Comics Pack

1. Superman # 655
2. Action Comics # 820
3. Action Comics # 752
4.Action Comics #750

4th Prize Runner Up : Super Hero 1st Issue Pack

1. Superman: Man of Tomorrow # One Million
2 Steel #1 (elseworlds)
3. Superman Confidential # 1
4. Infinite Crisis # 1
(Bonus Gift: Wrestlemania 2 Hulk Hogan Card:p)
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