Duncan Jones Talks About Missing Out On Superman

Duncan Jones Talks About Missing Out On Superman

Duncan Jones Talks About Missing Out On <i>Superman</i>

Duncan Jones opens up about his missed opportunity to direct Superman and what he would have done with the character.

Duncan Jones recently sat down to talk with Complex about his new movie Source Code and was asked about him being a candidate for the new Superman reboot project.

Jones had this to say about it:

"It wasn’t up to me. I think Chris Nolan and Warner Bros. put together a shortlist of about six or seven directors, and I was on there. I had my meeting with Chris Nolan. It was a really exciting opportunity. It was terrific for me just to have a chance to meet Chris Nolan and talk about filmmaking. He asked me a lot of questions about Moon and about Source Code. Then we talked just in general about things, but I think Zack Snyder is going to make a terrific Superman film."

Adding this to what his pitch to Nolan was:

"It all worked out, though. It probably worked against me, but my pitch for a Superman film would be to take the Dr. Manhattan character from Watchmen, which I think is the best encompassing version of what Superman should be, this incredible sort of alien presence with superhuman powers who is so over powerful compared to the rest of humanity that he doesn’t understand how to relate to people. And I thought that’s what Superman should be, but they got Zack Snyder in there and he already knows how to do that."

Duncan Jones new movie Source Code hits theaters this Friday April 1, 2011
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