EDITORIAL: 10 Things I Want to See in the Superman/Batman 2015 Film

EDITORIAL: 10 Things I Want to See in the Superman/Batman 2015 Film

Recently, Zack Snyder has announced that the Man of Steel sequel will feature Batman as a character. In this Editorial, I share my thoughts on the upcoming movie and things I want to see.

It has recently been announced that in 2015 (the same year as Avengers: Age of Ultron, Star Wars VII, and Fantastic Four ) there will be a Superman and Batman film. We currently now some of the producers (Including Nolan and his wife) and that David Goyer and Zack Snyder will be doing the story and Goyer will pen the script. These are my thought on the movie and what I think should happen in the film.

I Want to See Someone Other Than David S. Goyer Writing the Script!

Goyer is coming back for the script…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Alright now that that’s out of the way, I’m really disappointed in Chris Nolan. Take same charge as Executive Producer, you kicked Goyer off after the first move too (Batman Begins) why can’t you do this with MOS. Just have him on story, but have your brother (The writer of TDK and TDKR) write the script and Goyer just be over story since MOS originally started in his brain.

I Want to See a New Crew!

There are too many people from the TDK Trilogy working on the crew of the movie which features Batman’s REBOOT !! Let’s count them off. Chris Nolan and Emma Thomas Executive Producers (2), David Goyer (3), Michael E. Uslan and Benjamin Melniker (5). Yes 5 people out of a whole crew is not a lot. But then we have Hans Zimmer who will most likely score this film, and other people that moved from TDKR to MOS. My point is all of the brains behind the TDK trilogy are now involved with Batman’s reboot. I feel that, that takes away from the reboot aspect and makes it seem more like a recast of a bunch of characters. Who knows, they might turn around and bring us Christian Bale…or JGL. That brings me to my next point.

I Want to See New Cast Members!

DO NOT BRING BACK ANY CAST MEMEBR FROM BATMAN BEGINS, THE DARK KNIGHT, OR THE DARK KNIGHT RISES!!!!!!. This is a reboot and we already have the whole creative from the last Batman installment coming back. It might be the perfect opportunity to continue the TDK trilogy, but we shouldn’t do that. We need a new person playing Bruce. I think someone fairly unknown like Christian Bale was at the time he was casted back in 2005. There’s 2 people I have in mind for the role, but the thing is one could play a great Batman, but not a great Bruce Wayne and vice versa. We just need someone who could be equally believable as both Bruce Wayne and Batman.

I Want to See Snyder’s Batman!

Out of all the news about the crew members I think this is my favorite one. Zack Snyder is returning. Snyder is a great director! His movies are always visually stunning and well crafted. He did great things for Superman and I think he would be the one to bring the freshness to the new Batman. He honestly would even be an ideal choice for a Batman solo film after the work he did with Rorschach in Watchmen.

I Want to See a Arkham Style Batman!

This has been said time and time again, but I want to see a new less realistic Batman, similar to the one in the Arkham games. One of the main points of making MOS was to put an unrealistic character in a realistic world and still keep the unrealism of the character there. A lot of people thought that Zack Snyder and Chris Nolan were making a realistic Superman. They weren’t they were putting an unrealistic character in the real world without changing the character. That’s what they need to do with Batman. Put all of the unrealistic stuff about Batman and put it on top of a realistic world.

I Want to See Batman Against Superman

Batman should almost be the villain for most of this movie. Bruce should partner with Luthor to make weapons powered by Kryptonite to tell Superman that he can and will be stopped if he doesn’t back down. Batman should instigate a fight between him and Superman so that he has the opportunity to use it on Superman. Batman should turn maybe halfway through the movie when Luthor decides to use the weapons that were supposed to warn Superman, to kill Superman.

I Want to See Kryptonite Used in a New Way!

Here’s my idea on how Kryptonite should be handled. In MOS we saw when Clark entered Zod’s ship which had the same atmosphere as Krypton he passed out. This happens in comics a lot when Superman is exposed to Kryptonite. In the comics when Superman is exposed to the Red Sun he just loses his powers. I feel that should be switched. Since the atmosphere affects Clark in the movie I think the red son should have the same affect. It makes logical sense. I think Kryptonite should only take his powers away. If Kryptonite is from Krypton and it makes Superman weak and pass out and sh*t, shouldn't that have happened to the Kryptonians when they were on Krypton.

I Wanna See Clark Kent!

I want to see Clark Kent, the bumbling clumsy reporter. Lois already knows his secret so that’s one person he doesn’t have to hide it from, but what about the rest of the world. The glasses don’t cut it. One thing I want to see in the movie is Lois telling Clark that he has to make his disguise better. She suggests that he slouches, wears baggy clothes that hide his muscle and his hair. While he is Superman he could change the tone of his voice as well since the public hasn’t heard him speak. Clark should go to a press conference held by Luthor and Bruce. Clark should ask Bruce a question that would make everyone go “OOOOOH, Burn!” in their head and Bruce should retort with a remark that makes Clark look stupid. Bruce should ask Clark his name and then say he admires him for not being the average reporter. Later on in the movie after a fight between Batman and Superman that Batman wins, Batman should acknowledge Clark Kent to Superman before leaving.

I Wanna See Bruce Wayne Done Right

Bruce Wayne, genius playboy billionaire philanthropist. I want to see that side of Bruce. I want to see Bruce pull up in a limo with 3 girls. That Bruce has not been shown in the movies. Almost like a less immature Tony Stark, who sneaks away sometimes to be Batman. That’s the Bruce Wayne I want to see.

I Want to see THE MOST [email protected]$$ FIGHT TO EVER EXIST

I need the most badass fight on movie screens in the history of LIFE. This fight has the potential to be so much more than Superman kicking Batman’s ass, then Batman bringing in Kryptonite and then he kicks Supe’s ass. Watch the Superman vs. Batman fight from the Dark Knight Returns. Batman kicks Superman’s ass. Superman kicks Batman’s ass.

So that’s it! Tell me if you agree with my 10 things! DEUCES!!!
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