EDITORIAL: Why Is WB Being So Hesitant About MAN OF STEEL?!!!

EDITORIAL: Why Is WB Being So Hesitant About  MAN OF STEEL?!!!

One teaser, a fan made animation.... thats it?! I know we have got a trailer coming in December & I want to be proved wrong, I really do. I want this film to be magnificent. Why are WB being so hesitant to release anything MOS related?! Yes, this is an unpatient rant.... Indulge me!

So the biggest bit of news we've got I'm the past 3 months is that Man Of Steel will be in 3D.... the kind of announcement Marvel would have made, say, well over a year beforehand.

No character stills, no krypton/smallville/ metropolois stills, no set shots.... nothing.

Yes, I'm getting unpatient again.... SR may have been a misfire, but at least we were drip fed bits of news. Yes, some complained that the video journals somewhat ruined the surprise, but they didn't really spoil anything.... not that there was much to spoil.

MAN OF STEEL has had the least exposure of any film I know of. Remember, there are A LOT of movies coming out around the same time. It needs all the exposure it can get.

Most people I know don't even know there is a new superman movie coming.... the ones that saw the teaser have forgotten about it already. Now I loved that teaser, I really did, but it wasn't enough for the general public to know he's back.

Hell, the most exciting thing that happened in the past month was a fan made animation that people thought was real. That in itself speaks volumes of how useless WB have been marketing this so far.

Come on WB.... I want you to prove me wrong, that you are not extremely worried about this picture, that you don't have any doubts. Because right now, you are not exactly shouting it from the rooftops.

Oh, I stand corrected... Amy Adams made a quote in the L.A. Times.... stating that "she always wanted Superman." A genuinely lovely lady & a wonderful actress, who I'm looking forward to in this role, however, newsworthy?! Woopie doo... So much damn stress is going to be released when this trailer comes out! Haha! & it's not the fact that's how WB want you to feel, this is just purely being over cautious. They know that if they mess this up, it's goodbye Superman... they're bricking it.

I want to be wrong... & I hope I am. I'm dearly looking forward to MOS.
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