EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Superman Contender Anderson Davis!

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Superman Contender Anderson Davis!

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With <I>Superman</i> Contender Anderson Davis!

MrDCUniverse has a CBM exclusive with this interview with the man who's in the news (today) as a potential Superman in Zack Snyder and Chris Nolan's The Man of Steel.

Before I start I would like to say about Davis. He is a genuinely top bloke who definitely knows what he is talking about. Yes, he is a model but has been studying acting for two and a half years now and doesn't want to rush straight into it without proper training and honing his skills. He seems passionate about acting and the role of Superman. He certainly knows a lot about the character and where the character of Superman should be in 2012 and in the modern day age. He doesn't or hasn't campaigned for the role like some actors (Joe Manganiello) and didn't realise he was closely linked until now. And for a bit of trivia, he has already been doing some Superman work doing the voice over work on the DVD "All Star Superman" which he recorded in October 2010.

MrDCU: Are you looking at applying or going for the role of Superman in The Man of Steel?
Anderson:From my understanding this will be a large casting. I'm sure they will strip LA and NY clean until they have found their guy. I have a team of people keeping their eyes and ears open regarding castings start-up.

If so what do you think you can bring to the character that other actors wouldn't? Would you look to Christopher Reeve's portrayal for inspiration or go in a completely different direction?
Though I love Reeve's portrayal I would try to take it down another path, Superman is such an iconic character who has a foundation of based beliefs, keeping that foundation but not being afraid to explore the possibilities of the character would be a lot of fun. Superman was also a human, therefore he was flawed. I think to see him as a perfect being all the time just makes the character lack reality. He needs true human emotion, be a person we can relate to and that same to look up to as our hero.

How do you think Superman can be relevant to todays audience, a major stumbling block with films nowadays being based heavily on reality? In other words, how do you make a man flying in blue tights with red underpants over them appealing?
I think there are so many factors involved here obviously. But a very interesting question being that both films and Tv are suppling a large dose of reality and people love it, for whatever reason is beyond me. Simply put, you have to make a good movie with a good story, I don't think people will ever lose that desire all humans have to look up to something or worship something greater than and outside of ourselves. Superheroes strike a match on the imagination and allow us to live outside the mundane confines of our own lives through them. So I think there will always be room for a Superman there.

What would it mean to you to work with a Director like Zack Snyder?
Im a big fan of Zach' work , he a very talented guy, and really knows how to visually hit you upside the head. It would be an amazing exp. to work with him.

Who would be your preferred villain for Superman?
I would definitely have to go with doomsday and think it would draw the audience, and be a smart choice for the WB as a starting point.

The android Brainiac is reported to be making his first appearance on the big screen facing Superman along with Lex Luthor?
I'm not sure what villains making a stand this time vs. superman, but I don't think it's a long shot saying most are sick of Lex Luthor!

Well I'd like to thank Anderson for taking the time out of his schedule to answer these questions and answering questions that fans across the globe reading articles about him are thinking. I don't think they would be disappointed with his answer. He seems to know his history and exactly what should be put on screen in 2012. I wish him all the best if he gets to try out (which is likely). I certainly like his answers and has definitely made him one of my favourites to get the role. He definitely has the look I am looking for in Superman.
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