Great Man Of Steel Set Pics Featuring Supes, Faora & More

Great Man Of Steel Set Pics Featuring Supes, Faora & More

Great <i>Man Of Steel</i> Set Pics Featuring Supes, Faora & More

To go along with the full image of Supes below we have a new batch of set pics from today featuring a look at the back of the cape, confirming there will be no "S". There are also some great shots of Faora and "Mo-Cap Man"..

Some close up eh? The Color in the cape also looks much better than any shots we have seen previously. I can't tell if it'd the stunt doubles in the slightly comical pic featuring Faora, Supes and Mo-Cap Man, but that doesn't look to much like Antje Traue to me. What do you think? The thing on Mo-Cap's head looks like a device used to give other actors an eyeline. In other words, this guy COULD be doing motion capture for a much larger character. Let the speculation commence.

As usual we picked up these great snaps at MOS Facebook page where they are featuring the above work by Ed Larom and Amy Snyder Weiland. And thanks to our own Zarina Romanov for the top pic giving us our most detailed look at the suit yet.


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