Hans Zimmer Focused On MAN OF STEEL Sounding Different From His Batman Scores

Hans Zimmer Focused On MAN OF STEEL Sounding Different From His Batman Scores

After completing his work on Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises composer Hans Zimmer immediately began working on the score to Zack Snyder's new Superman film, Man of Steel.

Perhaps one of the hardest jobs of any composers is trying to write a new score for a Superman film when you know in the back of your mind that Oscar-winning composer John Williams knocked it out the park. Heck Williams knocked it out of the universe. To imagine Supes swooping into action without that iconic theme is almost unthinkable. When Bryan Singer's ill fated Superman Returns came out several years ago composer John Ottman tried to keep much of John Williams sound and only slightly altered it to add his own flare to it.

Now Hans Zimmer has the difficult task, but he might be the perfect composer as he has already proven he can take on a memorable theme. When he composed Chis Nolan Batman Begins many wondered if he would incorporate Danny Elfman's Batman theme, but he didn't. Zimmer came up with a sound that was completely different from Elfman's, perfect for Nolan's film. Danny Graydon caught up with the composer.

    ”Let’s be honest – I am only human and John Williams is super-human. That Superman theme is beloved and iconic. It’s a pretty hard act to follow and it’s like me saying to you can you turn this interview in to a decent piece of Shakespeare. You’ll say “Maybe not today…!”

Before Hans Zimmer came on board as the composer of Man of Steel there were inaccurate rumors saying that he already had the job, but at that time he hadn't even met Zack Snyder. Oddly enough it's those rumor that helped to create a dialogue between he and Snyder. He called Zack to snuff out the rumors, and this lead the two of them into a discussion about Superman. Hans then told Warner Bros. and Nolan that he wouldn't discuss the matter until he finished The Dark Knight Rises. After completing that score he waited a whole fifteen minutes to begin work on Man of Steel.

    “I don’t feel confident at all. I never feel confident. But, a little bit of fear has gone a long way to being inspiring in the past. John Williams is the master and I am not even going to try and go in that direction. I’ll try my best not to embarrass myself and my colleagues on the film. I’m definitely going to have a go! In a funny way, it’s exactly because Superman is such an opposite character to Batman that I am welcoming the opportunity to do the music.”

    Has he seen footage from the film? “Yes. All you’re going to get out of me is a “yes”! No elaborations! I’ve started it and am in the ideas phase. I am driving people crazy with my experiments and am trying to write a tune.” The one thing Zimmer will say is that his signature use of percussion – which he jokingly refers to as “his endless quest for the perfect drum-hit” will not be as prevalent in MAN OF STEEL as on his Batman scores. “I am going to try and avoid it. It’s a big conversation I am having with myself right now: how can we avoid that…!!“

Thanks to the heads up from Superman: Man of Steel (2013)

Man Of Steel, starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Michael Shannon, Antje Traue, Russell Crowe, Laurence Fishburne with Christopher Meloni and Harry Lennix, the reboot is slated for theaters June 14th, 2013!

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