Has Batman ever killed Superman?

Has Batman ever killed Superman?

Can the Caped Crusader beat the Man of Steel?

I was talking to this guy (know-it-all) at a cafe last weekend, and I was telling him that I was watching the Batman on WB series. He then talked about that one (vague) time when Batman killed Superman. He said Batman snapped Superman's neck with his BARE hands (wasn't sure about whether or not kryptonite was involved). He wasn't sure which media format this was in either.

This guy is known to exaggerate at times, and will quip with anything to make himself sound profound. There have been many cases in the past where he would say something, despite being found wrong at that time, and just excuse himself later with selective amnesia and such.

I realize that I am sounding quite anal-ytical about asking about this subject, but this guy just irks me, I have some free time, so that's why I'm asking on this thread. I know for a fact that he's not well-versed in comic lore too.

The only time that I can kind of think of when Superman was beaten by mortals were:
1)Lex beats up Superman under red sun
2)DK1 (Frank Miller) Batman beats up Superman with kryptonite and body suit

But was there ever a time when Batman killed Superman (only to be resurrected later, of course)?

Well here is some more info I found.

Batman did kill Superman in the 1991 Superman annual, in which Waverider viewed a possible future (in the far-off year of 2001 ;)) where Superman became a totalitarian ruler of the world. The end was a Dark Knight homage in which Batman uses a kryptonite ring to kill Superman. Annuals from Adventures of Superman and Action comics later showed that Waverider's observation of this future caused changes to Superman, changing his future.

No snapping of necks with bare hands, however. Maybe the guy remembered Bruce's "I want you to remember my hands at your throat" from the end of Dark Knight Returns?

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