Henry Cavill Declares Donning His 'Superman' Man Of Steel Suit "Fantastic!"

Henry Cavill Declares Donning His 'Superman' <i>Man Of Steel</i> Suit "Fantastic!"

Henry Cavill has tried on the new suit! Follow the jump to hear Henry Cavill's brief words on the suit!

Continuing the awesome video clips by our friend and resident CBMer JDUKE25, I was about ready to log off when I stumbled across a video clip of Henry Cavill talking a bit about the new suit!

Oh and...he HAS tried it on apparently!

Note- You need to skip towards the very end of the video (8:49 to be exact) to hear Cavill talking about the new suit!

So guys and gals, what do you all think the new suit will look like?

By fantastic...does Cavill mean it will be fantastic in the "classic" sense or possibly in the sense that- "Hey it's something the audience has never quite seen before"

I definitely don't mind the classic suit...or even just slightly updated wouldn't be too bad.

Post your thoughts below. I know it isn't much...but hey it's something.
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