Henry Cavill returns for the holidays to... the Salt Lake City, Utah facility of Gym Jones!

Henry Cavill returns for the holidays to... the Salt Lake City, Utah facility of Gym Jones!

Henry Cavill will be watching the calories over Christmas as he returns to Gym Jones to devote his entire time to full time training in preparation for Batman Vs Superman which begins shooting in February

Even the people grumbling about Man Of Steel and its script and Henry Cavill's performance admitted that if there was one thing the movie nailed, it was the god-like presence of an all-powerful being, brought to vivid life through the efforts of Henry Cavill and Mark Twight in the gym.

Why fix something that ain't broken, so Batman Vs Superman will further this great partnership to sculpt Cavill into Superman for the second time and he has been hard at work with Twight since August. Twight had accompanied Cavill to UK and Italy for the shoot of Guy Ritchie's The Man From U.N.C.L.E. They are now relocating back to the Salt Lake City facility of Gym Jones in the final stretch to devote their undivided attention to the movie.

Cavill stopped by yesterday in SLC at a sports store with his girlfriend actress Gian Carano, to buy some shorts and workout gear. This is what a store employee had to say admitting that most of them failed to recognize him.

"We thought he was a movie star, but we just couldn’t place it. So we asked him when we rang him out. He said he's back to training at Gym Jones for the next movie. He bought two pairs of C-WX tights and a couple pairs of Saucony and Northface shorts. He was with his MMA fighter girlfriend. She helped him pick out some shorts and took care of him more than we did. He really kept to himself and no one recognized him. One of our employees loves Superman so he just had to get a picture with him."

Below is the picture which shows Cavill already looking quite beefy.

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