Henry Cavill Talks Superman

Henry Cavill Talks Superman

Prior to being announced as the next actor to play the Man of Steel, Henry Cavill had been in talks with both Brett Ratner and McG about playing the character, but both of those projects fell apart and ultimately became Superman Returns. The actor recently reflected on his first encounter with the Superman legacy.

When asked straight out about the reality of his involvement, Cavill laughed and responded, "Yes, there was talk about that, a while ago now. Must have been four or five years ago, maybe more. When McG was working on a script with them. I don't know how close I came. I understand it was very, very close and sadly the movie was cancelled because McG didn't want to fly. He certainly had a big fear of flying at the time; I think he's since overcome it. He wanted to shoot in New York, they wanted to shoot in Australia for obvious reasons. He said, 'I can't do it,' and they moved on. These things happen. It's the nature of the business."

The question, of course, was whether or not he would be interested in the role if it should be offered to him again for a rebooted version of Superman. "Very much so," said Cavill. "I'm a fan of the character, and it depends on the script and the director, though not in that order necessarily."

Apparently the director - Zack Snyder - and the screenplay - written by David Goyer -- did the trick as Cavill will don the right and blue uniform later this year.

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